How I/We Celebrated

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday!  Dean was so flattered and loved all of the comments.  None of you guessed his age right but Electra was the closest… 😉  Unfortunately Dean had to work on his birthday (insert sad face) so I had to celebrate his day of birth on my own until approximately 4pm.  Said celebration involved 5 miles on the treadmill while watching (part of) The Bachelorette (episode 3 – things are getting EXCITING) on my Mac.

I kind of love watching TV while running.  It makes the time go by super fast and I feel like I can run forever. Someone needs to invent some kind of a hands-free/wireless/floating contraption that lets you watch TV while running outdoors.  I swear running marathons would be way easier.  PS: I wore my mom’s Mizunos to see what they felt like and they were SO comfortable.  I’m getting a pair of Mizunos next, no doubt.

When Dean got home I told him I would take him out to eat.  His response?  “I’m not too hungry.  I just ate a burrito.”  He just ate a FREAKING burrito on his birthday RIGHT before we were supposed to go out to “celebrate”.  So he accompanied me to Whole Foods and I ate food from their hot bar all alone.  What he did want was ice cream so that is exactly what he/we got.

Ever since Sandy posted her mint chocolate chip cone on Instagram (follow me! the_athletarian) we have both been craving it so we got matching cones.  Doesn’t the above picture look kind of like the one I posted yesterday except this time Dean is holding real cones!  I probably should have gotten him to take his shirt off to make it a little more similar. 😉

Dean doesn’t really like celebrating his birthday – he says only people who plan on aging need to celebrate their birthdays!  Apparently aging isn’t in his life plan for the next little while so we’ll see how that pans out…  We spent the rest of the night walking and talking, which is exactly what he wanted.

Are you big on birthday celebrations?

What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?  Cup or cone?


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    Love birthdays! Always a cup when it comes to ice cream, and I do not have a favorite flavor, but usually go for anything with chocolate chunks or peanut butter :)

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    I dont really like to celebrate my birthday. The older you get the lamer in my opinion. When I was a kid yeah I loved my bday, tons of presents, cake, got to play all day. Not the same anymore lol.

    Mint chip is my favorite hands down!! I would go with a cup even tho I like cones but cup is just easier for me to eat.

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    Sounds fun! OMG My dad does the same thing with eating right before a celebration– on father’s day, my mom and I were stoked to take him out to dinner, but he filled up on a billion cashews and was like, “ehh I’m not that hungry, but I’ll come” haha 😉
    Favorite ice cream flavor has to be strawberry cheesecake!!! 😀

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    Eliza Klinger says

    Dean’s a good looking 35 year old old (but of course his younger sister would know that). I hope his b-day was good! Ice Cream always makes the day a little bit sweeter!

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    Gemma says

    Is Dean Filipino? He looks it. My boyfriend is Filipino and they have such good genes- they never age! Haha
    Ice cream is my favourite treat :) glad you both had a good night!

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    Sorry for putting bad thoughts in your mind with my ice cream pic but the two of you look so damn good that you could eat a whole gallon of it and it wouldn’t even matter :) I am glad that you spend the day with the Birthday Boy even though he messed up the dinner plans hahaha! I have been wanting to try Mizunos too! I am tired of my Nike’s but I cannot seem to find anything that works for me.

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      SHAME ON YOU!!! Kidding…we loved the ice cream! It had been a while anyway so we really enjoyed it! let me know if you end up finding a pair of Mizunos you like! I have my eyes on a pair with a little more stability than my mom’s so I will probably pick them up when I start training for my next big race!

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    Sounds like a great day:) Favorite flavor orange sherbert or cookies and cream. I usually have it in a cup. Way to get in your miles while watching TV!

  8. 24


    LOL! Mine is Thursday and my family jokes that I make the entire month my birthday month. I don’t plan on aging either 😉

    Aint nothing wrong with some coffee or mint chocolate chip in a cone. Yum!

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    Julia H. says

    ummmm i am so huge on bday celebrations. i think i would have freaked out if he didnt want to celebrate;) haha! glad yall got that ice cream though!

    • 30


      I used to push him (back in the day) to celebrate and took him out to fancy restaurants but it just wasn’t his style! Now he just wants ice cream cones. I guess I can’t really complain. Makes my life easier!

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    @pluvk says

    Birthdays are a HUGE deal in our house! My hubs wasn’t a big birthday person until I converted him. My philosophy is that I’d rather get older than die young. Morbid, I know, but it’s a good way to not freak out over aging! Happy Birthday, Dean!

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        @pluvk says

        Haha, I wish I knew what the trick was. I just kept making a big deal out of his day, and (after seven or so years) he finally got into it, too! Persistence!

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    That picture of him with the cones is absolutely adorable and I am so glad you still got a good meal out of his birthday. :) All birthdays are meant to be enjoyed by everyone in my opinion!

    We went out for my BIL birthday last Saturday without him. haha!

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    Okay, so someone guessed 21 and Electra was the closest in guess 12? That would make him no more than 16! You must be a cradlerobber!

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