Favourite Things Giveaway #1

Ashley Johns of Fierce Forward and I have been planning some big things for you all for quite some time now.  If you haven’t checked Ashley out yet, she is a health and fitness blogger, works with bodybuilding.com, and has been featured in both Shape and Oxygen Magazine.  We have teamed up to host some giveaways for our readers, featuring some of our favourite brands.

We are so excited to announce that we are launching our first giveaway today!  What’s up for grabs?

1.  Ashley recently created her own line of FIERCE apparel so one of her tanks is going to be all yours!  There are two different styles to choose from.  You can check out the rest of her products at her Fierce Forward Shop.

2.  I had a giveaway on my blog a few months ago for Neocell Collagen Sport protein powder which you can read about here.  Jean over at Neocell has been kind enough to offer up another contain of protein powder for one lucky reader.  It is a completely clean whey protein that does not contain any gluten, wheat, sugar, or lactose.  I have tried both the vanilla and chocolate flavours and they are equally delicious.

3.  I don’t know about you, but a sports bra can make or break my workout.  If the ladies aren’t comfortable, my workout suffers.  The last thing you want to have to worry about in the middle of a run is chafing, lack of coverage/support, or discomfort.  I discovered Handful sports bras a while back (which I wrote about here) and it is one of the best.  It is super supportive, feminine, and comfortable.

4.  I also had two giveaways not too long ago for G-LOVES which you can check out here and here.  G-LOVES are not only the hottest weight lifting gloves, but they are so comfortable and functional.  They are lightweight, have great cushioning, and an “action traction” grip to avoid any ginormous weights from slipping out of your hand and landing on your face, feet, etc.

How’s that for a lineup?!  I’m considering entering myself! 😉

The winner will basically be ready to rock a fierce workout in some new gear and then replenish those gorgeous muscles with some yummy protein!

Here is what you need to do to enter:

“LIKE” Ashley’s Fierce Forward page on Facebook

“LIKE” Neocell Collagen Sport on Facebook

“LIKE” Handful on Facebook

“LIKE” G-LOVES on Facebook

**If you DO NOT have Facebook, just leave me a comment below telling me which product you are most excited to try!**

THAT’S IT!  Just show these amazing people and companies some love (feel free to leave them comments on their Facebook pages too!) and come back here telling me you did in the comments below. (Hint: increase your chances of winning by commenting on Ashley’s blog too!)

Ashley and I will be combining comments/entries and a winner will be chosen via random.org on Wednesday, June 20th.

Good luck to everyone!!


  1. 3

    Sue says

    Loving the giveaway and appreciating how inspirational and supportive you are!
    Keep it up – you’re awesome!

  2. 6

    Angela says

    I have liked them all except for the Neocell Collagen Sport page since I already use a protein powder recommended to me by my trainer.

  3. 7

    Liz R says

    I liked all the pages on FB. Have been a G-loves fan for a while now….cant wait to try them out.:) This is an exciting give away. Good luck everyone.

  4. 9

    Katrina says

    Excited by the give away and I love how kind your man is to you and how you proudly post about it! My supportive hubby makes my life so much easier and all women deserve someone who wants them to eat comfortably! :) Especially when we are HANGRY!!!

  5. 12

    Hilary Deike says

    I’m excited to try the protein powder as well as the Handful bra. I’ve like them both and have also been a fan of Ashley John’s and yours for quite awhile now! Thanks for all that you do!

  6. 14

    Amanda says

    I have likes them all on Facebook!! I even left Ashley a comment, letting her know you sent me!!! I really need gloves for the gym and I have been comtemplating on buying G-Loves. Amazing giveaway!!!

  7. 16

    Colleen says

    Hi Christina, Awesome Giveaway. I liked them all on FB and now I am headed over to check out Ashley’s blog. Thanks for the opportunity. Love your blog!!

  8. 21

    Wendi Stewart says

    I’ve followed both your pages for some time and you have helped me stay motivated to lose post baby weight thru clean eating. I just joined a gym and would love to try the Gloves! I’ve liked all pages :) thanks for the inspiration!

  9. 23

    Lesley Jones says

    HI!! Found you through Ashley’s Fierce Forward page! This is a HUGE set of products to give away!! Someone is going to be super happy to win it!! Of course I would be the happiest :)

  10. 25


    Hey Christina!

    What you are Ash have teamed up to do in increrdible! So happy to be able to support everyone who is making the choice to live a healthier life (and look cute by doing so!)

    Keep doing what your doing girl!

    Weights and Cakes :)

  11. 26


    I liked them all on facebook! I’ve been looking for a good pair of gloves, so winning would be awesome! (I might just have to get myself some if I don’t win haha) Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  12. 28

    Sharon Banton says

    AWESOME giveaway, i’ve “liked” everything while LOVING it!!! Started following your awesome self too!!
    Thanks for all you do!!!

  13. 30

    Lisett E. says

    AWESOME giveaway contest!!
    Thank you for giving us a chance to win such great products.
    *I liked all the pages and sent them some <3

    Hope I win =)

  14. 31

    Brandy Aucoin says

    I am very excited to begin a new journey into health & fitness! Thanks for all the information & the opportunity to win some new gear! :)

  15. 36

    Tyler Ashton says

    I’m super excited to try the Handful sports bra AND the NeoCell Collagen Sport – all of the products seem awesome! I’m checking out each site for more info! thanks for sharing :)

  16. 39

    Melanie says

    I would LOVE to try the bras. I was doing Zumba last night and noticed I need a little more support. LOL.

  17. 40

    Jennifer W. says

    What a great giveaway! That Handful sports bra looks awesome, as well as all of the other products.

  18. 42

    Jessica Corbin says

    Hi there! I am from Ashley’s blog, but have read your blog before! I must start again is I haven’t been reading as much and its awesome! I appreciate the giveaway for us peeps, this is SO fun!!

  19. 62

    Kathryn Fox says

    Love your blog, super excited about this giveaway. Liked them all! Would do JUST about anything for a pair of g-loves!

  20. 63

    Dinah says

    I would love the protein powder, sports bra and FF-wear! Not so much a fan of lacy lifting gloves, lol. But maybe they don’t all have lace. :) I already *like* Ashley. Off to *like* the rest! :)

  21. 64

    Cynthia says

    Luv ur giveaway…liked all the pages! Super excited to start reading ur blogs…I luv luv running and hope to win something sweet!

  22. 65

    Jenn says

    I liked everything..i absolutely love the gloves!! im using my hubbys now..would love a pair of my own!!

  23. 77

    Vivian says

    i want to buy a pair of the gloves but I don’t know my size. how do i measure that and compare to the xs,s,m,l

  24. 100

    Jessica Bender says

    I liked them! I would live to try the bra and the gloves. They both look cute and comfortable!

  25. 101

    Amy says

    I liked them all!!!! Such an awesome giveaway! Thanks so much for hosting and showing me some sweet stuff I’d been missing out on. Maybe I’ll win!

  26. 105

    Gina Marie says

    Liked them all on on FB… and INDEED I do… Thanks so much for the Fabulous Giveaway of all the awesome items! Praying….

  27. 111

    Donnie Flaherty says

    I liked and posted a comment on all of them. I love your pink sports bra and I would die to have some new, cute gloves!!!

  28. 117

    Sherrie says

    Already a huge fan of Fierce Forward is I have liked the others…this is a great contest. wow! Thanks so much!

  29. 122

    Crystal Froemming says

    I liked handfuls on facebook, have liked fierce forward and g-loves already! Most excited for the fierce tank and handfuls bra!

  30. 123

    Jenn Dios says

    I’m so glad I came across your fb page. I Liked all the links above, but absoultly LOVE the G-loves, and the tanks!!

  31. 125

    Marie Carraway says

    Just commenting again since it skipped my last name. Glad to read your blog, too. I have enjoyed Ashley’s for a while. Hoping to win!

  32. 131

    Jacie says

    Thanks to Ashley’s page, Fierce Forward, I found you & the others! I have now “liked” all of the pages! Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  33. 141


    I already like ALL of them on FB from my page Eat Run Sail and am off to leave a comment on Ashley’s blog page. Nice giveaway… I have been reading the teasers on Ashley’s FB posts.

  34. 146

    Andrea says

    Very excited to be following your blog now (I’m running a 5K this morning!) and hope I can win to maximize my workouts and look hot while I’m working it!!

  35. 158

    Mia says

    Most excited about the workout tanks and the gloves, especially the WTF one. Gotta have a sense of humor and take care of all parts of your body – we don’t usually think about our hands. Thanks.

    • 161

      Andi says

      I liked them all, and even more than a chance to win products, I’m excited to learn of all these amazing products I never knew exs instead. Thanks for spreading the word on them as well as the chance to win some awesome stuff!

  36. 165

    bri says

    I’m super excited about this giveaway! The gloves I’m double excited about! Those are awesome! Love it!

  37. 167

    Kelsey S says

    I am IN LOVE with those tanks and I have been wanting a pair of those gloves for awhile now (says the clumsy girl who crushed her toe 2 weeks ago with a dumbell) I liked ALL of these on facebook and am crossing my fingers !!:)

  38. 168

    Ana says

    Wow! What a giveaway 😀 No facebook, but I did check out the websites and I would love to try a handful bra – I have a feeling I would wear it for workouts and otherwise. Thanks!

  39. 169

    Brittany says

    I liked all the facebook pages and commented on her blog!!! So happy to have found her blog and am in love with those lifting gloves! They are amazinggg!!! Can’t wait to hear the winners :)

  40. 170

    Carmen says

    I just liked Fierce Forward on Facebook and left a comment on her page. Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  41. 173

    nik says

    I’m thinking the Always. Be. Fierce. Tank would be superawesome…love their website! Many thanks!

  42. 174

    Brittany says

    I would really like to win the sports bra I am always trying to find ones that I like, plus you can never have to many!!! i have liked all of the pages!! Not to mention what a great giveaway!!!

  43. 179

    Cathy G says

    I already liked Fierce Forward and G-loves. Just liked Handful and Neo-Cell.
    Love Love Love the tank!

  44. 182

    Mel says

    I love the WTF Singlet!

    Also like the cross over back on the Handful bra!

    … All pages liked on fb..

    Keep up the good articles also… Nice blog

  45. 184

    Leigh C says

    Hi, Christina! I liked all of the Facebook pages! I have been following Ashley on Facebook for a while, and I am excited to have found your Facebook and blog! Both of you girls are such an inspiration!

  46. 189

    Carmen says

    Your blog is wonderful, what I like the most is the versatility if your vegetarian recipes. A great inspiration to return to my roots as vegan which I put on hold for a while as I got pregnant and delivered a healthy baby almost 7 months ago. My diet changed to animal protein by the end of my first trimester when tofu, seitan, brown rice, legumes from all of the sudden were not of my liking anymore. Strange! I am slowly transitioning, though.

  47. 193

    Allison says

    I have been researching protein powder lately and would love a chance to sample Neocell, and I don’t do facebook so thanks for the opportunity!

  48. 199

    Kimberly Louis-Jean says

    <3 this ! Liked all the pages and I'm super excited about the gloves! They are super cute!

  49. 200

    Jess says

    I would love the handful but I am too little and too much all at once. (Story of my life, I hate bra shopping.) I would love to try the fierce tanks!

  50. 203


    You are so awesome! I love that you are always doing giveaways and getting so involved with other bloggers. Love it!

    I liked all of the fb pages I think. 😉

  51. 211

    Martha says

    Amazing giveaway! I like them on FB…. thank you for these giveaways….I’m sure we all appreciate it!

  52. 216

    sarah johnstone says

    Liked all your pages! I would love to win, it would be the best prize after all this training I’ve done for the past six months. I’ve never felt this great about my body!

  53. 219

    Heather Harris says

    Thanks for doing this awesome! I love all the stuff would love a tank,bra or try out the gloves~:)

  54. 221

    tracy says

    Liked them all on fb and commented on Ashley’s blog! Love her tanks =) Good luck to all… but who am I kidding I really want to win! 😉

  55. 231

    Jennifer says

    I love all the giveaways, but I’m most excited about the gloves. I really need to get a pair. Thanks!!

  56. 233

    Jennifer says

    I love all the giveaways, but I’m most excited about the gloves. I really need to get a pair. Thanks!!

  57. 234

    Regina Blood says

    Trying this again, it didnt work the first time.

    AWESOME GIVEAWAY!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity!! Everyone has been “LIKED” and some even “LOVED” :)

  58. 247

    Kendra Jones says

    Uhm…I just found this and I’m pretty sure I LOVE all of the products already. Just took care of “liking” on fb, and now I’m going to browse :) Awesome giveaway!

  59. 248

    Marisa Martens says

    Loving the giveaway and would feel forever lucky to be the winner…I liked all the pages on fb and also comment on Ashley’s blog….Thanks for the awesome giveaway and for being so inspirational.

  60. 249

    Miriam Cantin says

    Amaziiiing giveaway girl! Those are all great things I’d liiiiiike to try!
    I like them all on Facebook :)
    Crossing finger really hard to win 😀 xxx

  61. 250

    Carrie Frillman says

    I love all your contests. You seriously give away the best stuff! I liked all the pages and did everything you asked, like a good little student! I love Ashley’s blog, too! Thanks for sending it our way. Keep up the good work! 😀

  62. 257

    Kaitlyn Kutschke says

    I already like Ashley’s Fierce Forward page on FB and have been following you for awhile. I have been looking for a pair of workout gloves for awhile now as the callouses are starting to build so I’d love to try these out!

    Great great giveaway!

  63. 258

    Michelle N. says

    Wow, thanks to you girls for hosting such an awesome giveaway. I have been following you and Ashley on fb for a while and I had previously “liked” G-Loves . Just liked Handful and NeoCell as well! Good luck to everyone!!

  64. 269

    Leigh Nicholls says

    Liked all the pages! I have been following Ashley for a while. She is fabulous! I really want new gloves AND a new bra… AND FIERCE SHIRT… AND to try a new protein powder!

  65. 272

    Jessica says

    Please put my name in for the giveaway! I liked all the facebook pages and am most excited about the G-LOVES because I just lost my gloves and I tore up my hands up doing inverted rows and pull-ups today! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!! Love your blog!

  66. 273


    LOVE Ash! And have been following you on FB for awhile now. Just liked everyone else, and I LOVE the G-LOVES! I also really like your last blog! I was just discussing NOT calorie counting today. I am sending a friend the link to your blog:) Thank you!

  67. 274

    Ann Marie says

    I have been considering buying the Handful sports bra in pink for a few days now. Great cause and looks comfortable. I also would love the pink/red tank from Ashley as well. Great color and the message. I already have my own preferred brand of protein, but liked all the pages regardless. Always open to new info. Love the Fashletics top in the top pic. I have the matching drawstring bag as well as a few necklaces and a shirt.

  68. 275

    Ashley Isaacs says

    I’ve been following you both for a while. Love your pages/blogs! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  69. 276

    Catherine Anne says

    I just liked everything on facebook, and have been keeping up with both your and Ashley’s blogs for a while! I’m a runner who likes to mix in strength and cross training, and it’s nice to read about someone who approaches running and fitness from a broader perspective!

    So excited for this giveaway! I’ve been eyeing G-loves for a while, now! Thank you for this chance to win some AWESOME gear!

  70. 277

    christie says

    I liked all the FB pages and I would love to win any of these great products but all 4 would be awesome!

  71. 278

    Deborah Lee says

    not sure if it is too late to enter, but I liked all of the pages on facebook & i look forward to checking out all of their pages! :) thanks!

  72. 287

    Mandy says

    No Facebook here! But thanks for the opportunity to participate by commenting! I would love to try the gloves. I’m in need of trying some out with the heavy lifting we are into now! :-)

  73. 288

    Marsha says

    I am most excited about trying the Neocell protein powder. I am currently not using protein powder because 1. I wanted to see what the difference would be and 2. I was told you should change em up ever so often and I couldn’t decide what to try.
    I don’t really weight train *(body weight exercises sometimes with dumbbells) so I don’t think the G-Loves (amazing name) would benefit me and my supersized boobies can’t fit into the Handful sports bras. Right, cuz I am working with more than a handful over here. Blessed? Depends on the day. Love the Fierce idea so I would also love to run in a Fierce tank.
    I sometimes ramble. Can you give your opinions on working out with and without a protein supplement please?

    Thank you much!!

  74. 289

    danielle s says

    im super excited for the bras! i really need a new one and looking forward for some great training this summer. with great training comes great chest support!


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