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We had a long weekend here in Canada and I was lucky enough to spend a lot of it with family.  On Saturday we celebrated Dean’s niece’s second birthday.

Hanging out with Dean’s family is probably one of the funnest things ever.  They are so crazy and we end up doing the weirdest things.  Take, for example, the fact that we battle roped pre-birthday feast.  Dean bought a battle rope a while back and keeps it in the back seat of his car.  It’s always good to have some fitness tools on hand for times like this!

We used the space and tools we had available.  This meant battle roping in the driveway and using two dumbbells to hold the rope down.  We also used Dean’s tabata timer on his iPhone and took turns sweating our faces off for 30 seconds at a time.  The kids even got in on it and it made for a good time.  We had a lot of cars stop and watch – probably neighbours thinking we were crazy!

The ropes are a lot heavier than they look and I had already worked out in the morning so my upper body was toast.  My arms, shoulders, back, and abs hurt real bad.  I woke up in so much pain but according to this tweet I wasn’t alone:

If you haven’t tried battle ropes, I highly suggest giving them a shot.  My gym has them and I admit I was a bit intimidated the first time I saw them but it is such a great workout and now that Dean has one, I think we’ll be utilizing it and incorporating battle ropes into our workouts more often!

Have you ever tried battle ropes?

What is your workout today?


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    I have never tried battle ropes! I think I need to ASAP. Maybe I will get a training session to learn them!

    I am doing my first workout since my first half this evening – spinning! Can’t wait!

  2. 4

    Julie says

    I have tried the battle ropes. So much fun!!!
    Glad other people have a family like mine. We usually do something crazy like that too. One time it was kick ball, another it was a head stand competition.

  3. 5


    Sounds like fun! I’ve never tried battle ropes. I am hoping in get in a run today, but my legs already feel like lead for some reason. Maybe they will feel better once I hit the road:) Have a great day!

  4. 6


    He has the cutest family! I don’t have that rope but I am deftly going to think about buying it when I go home to visit family this summer. We love doing active games together.

    Ran 8 miles in the rain. It was actually pretty nice!

  5. 10


    I used to hate the battle ropes in boot camp! I always get so winded!! The instructor used to tell me I needed to get on the stair master to work on my endurance.

    So fun though! And his family is so cute!!!

  6. 12


    I would love to try battle ropes! Maybe in August with you and Dean? 😉 HAHA <3

    My workout today was bi's and tri's :)

  7. 16

    Julia @ Pain, Pride, Perseverance says

    haha! love the fun pics and that the whole fam got involved on the battle roping fun! those things look so dang tough to me so i can only imagine how sore you were! crazy! i would love to try those things sometime though!

  8. 18


    Oh my gosh Dean’s neice is the cutest thing alive. Seriously she is adorable. I love birthday parties and the battle roping looks so fun!

    As a completely important side not I am much more sore from watching 6 kids under the age of 3 yesterday than I ever get from running. :) haha!

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