Half the distance, twice the pain.

I may have run a 10K race on Sunday that was even more painful than the half marathon I ran the weekend before.  Yes, that is possible.  No word of a lie, my legs were still sore from the half.  I woke up with severe tightness in my quads, hamstrings, and calves.  I shook it off and figured it was “just a 10K” so I would be completely fine.  Dean and I ate breakfast and headed to the race start nice and early so we could freeze our little buns off in the rain while we waited.

We hung out with all the other crazy 22,000 runners until the race started at 8:00am.  About 2.4 seconds into the race my legs cramped up from top to bottom.  Amazing.  To say my calves were on fire is an understatement.  Bless Dean’s soul for running this race with me.  He kept me sane and listened to me complain about how much pain I was in the entire time.  He also took pictures to distract me and though he is usually very skilled at taking action shots, they came out horrible (I still love you).

We finished in 53:47 which is fine by me (probably not fine by Dean – his PR for a 10K is 40 minutes)!  I had a secret sub-50 goal but knew it absolutely would not be feasible once the cramps started.  The race (Sporting Life 10K) was amazing in every possible way – organization, energy, route, cause, and community.  We even got a pretty sweet medal and ate a white, refined, starchy bagel (it’s 100% allowed on race day, I promise) at the finish.  Limping home was not fun, but we made it and I’ve got another race under my belt to learn from and to use as a basis for improvement!

Time to scope out summer races so I can finally train properly and race the right way (and hopefully redeem myself)!

I will be doing a review and giveaway this week for something that I wore during the race.  Get excited!  Here’s a hint 😉 :

A lot of people have been asking about my race outfit on Instagram (add me @the_athletarian :) – both the shorts and tank are from Lululemon (Speed shorts and Scoop Neck Tank), the headband is by Chickbands (in super skinny silver sparkle), and the shoes…mmm you will have to wait and see!

Do you have a favourite running/workout accessory?


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    Julia @ Pain, Pride, Perseverance says

    oh dean and his skill for action shots 😉 you are strong for toughing out this race…and still with an amazing time friend! cant wait to hear more about the shoes:)

  2. 3

    Julie F. says

    I hope there is a giveaway on the shoes, I won’t spoil the surprise with what they are but I’ve been wanting them for a while. Currently running in Delilas 😉

  3. 5


    Glad you made it through, leg cramps aren’t ever fun. You did two races on back to back weekends which is pretty stinkin hardcore! Love the kicks so I’ll be holding my breath until word breaks of your giveaway 😉

  4. 6


    You look adorable and way to push through! I feel ya, my legs are still tight from my race last week, I can’t imagine doing another one so soon. The medal is sweet! Your races look like a lot of fun up there. I need to come to Canada!

    Oh and your man is totally sweet and adorable. You guys are so cute together.

    Can’t wait to hear about the shoes :))

  5. 8

    Katey C. says

    I cannot wait to hear what you think about those shoes!! I’ve been reading about them and would love to win myself a pair!

  6. 10

    Lynn in MD says

    Are you foam rolling daily? I’ve been doing it for about 2 months now, since I started physical therapy, and I think it’s made a huge difference in my recovery. I try to do it at least once/day. At first it was unbelievably painful… but now it doesn’t really hurt at all.

  7. 11


    Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh! I want some Altra’s so bad! My dear, you simply must start TRAINING for races so you don’t hurt yourself. (And also, my brother was bragging to me on Sunday about how you love lifting more than running. Christina, Christina, I don’t think you understand the sibling rivalry! Ha! :)). You are so cute and I’m glad you could at least have that gorgeous smile on your face even when you were in all of that pain.

    • 12


      Amylee!! This message saved me this morning! My alarm went off at 4:30am and I went to shut my eyes to go back to sleep instead of going to workout. Then something inside me said “check your phone for emails” and so I read this comment, rolled my booty out of bed and went to LIFT at the gym! So thank you! And yes, I will definitely start training for real the next time I decide to race!

  8. 13


    Love your outfit. I don’t run without my handful bra or lulu skirt. Great job on your 10k a week after a half marathon. Dean has some great action shot skills, although that hlaf marathon picture with him looking like he is going to attack you is the best.

  9. 19


    you guys are too cute! im sorry to hear your 10k was a bit painful. hopefully you made it more painful by foam rolling it up afterwards? that always helps with tightness for me, although im cursing up a storm underneath my breath while doing it!

    fave running accessory=ipod shuffle and my little pouch that tucks into my shorts/pants. such a lifesaver for shot block/phone/money carrying!

  10. 21


    Bummer that you were super tight for the race. Hopefully your body loosened up after the race. Maybe the race was too close to the half marathon and your body never loosened up? I also noticed that you have on minimal shoes, I know these type of shoes put even more pressure on your calves, so maybe it led to more tightness if you aren’t fully used to them yet?

    Congrats on both races though, don’t think I commented on your half marathon race!

  11. 22


    Wow. Awesome job in pushing through the pain like that (and I hope no injury came of it). And it was great for Dean to stick by you the entire way :)

    I have a 10k I have been eyeing coming up in a week and a half and have only gotten about 3 miles running under my belt. (haven’t run moe than 3 in weeks!) I hope to be able to finish it via run/walk and not worry about a PR. Alright. Convinced myself. I am signing up.

  12. 24


    Wow still a fabulous time for a 10k all things considering. You are one tough chick Christina and I admire you so much! Love those medals. Dang I am jealous! And you and Dean are looking fabulous as always. I just love you two! :)

    Recover well…you deserve it after back to back races!!

  13. 27

    Leeana says

    Love the outfit! Sorry to hear about the cramping/soreness. I had a great time in the race. My mom and lots of friends ran it as well (although we weren’t in the same corral). Crazy fast course! I diddn’t really mind the light rain. .And I wore my Lulu speed shorts (black) for the first time! They worked out perfectly and I’m officially hooked! I got a pair of the flash jacquard ones and I’m looking to get more for my b-day next week!

  14. 29

    Alejandra says

    Chickbands! OMG what a life saver to keep aaaaaaall this hair away from my face!
    I could carry you through your next race for introducing me to these magical headbands.


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