food fails and a funny race photo!

Is it just me or do all runners feel like they can eat whatever they want for three days leading up to a race…then again post race to “recover”…and then another three days after a race to “repair” muscles?!  Okay, I haven’t eaten that badly but I’ve definitely made some lame excuses over the past few days.  I went shopping with my mom on Wednesday night and this happened:

We both have a MAD love for Drumsticks and I had been craving one since race day.  It was so freaking good.  This is probably considered to be a major food fail, especially since I’m supposed to be following a pretty specific and clean diet on James Wilson’s program.  C’est la vie!  Mom buys me ice cream – I eat it!  Plus I was in between races so I’m technically repairing from my half last Sunday and fuelling for my 10K this weekend…right? 😉

Now I thought Dean and I would get a really cute photo of us crossing the finish line together on Sunday.  We even held hands like a cheesy couple and were really excited about it.  There are like 10 photos of each of us that were taken but NONE were at the finish line.  What’s up with that??  Here is my favourite though:

I was filming myself (on my phone) talking about how much pain I was in (was going to make a vlog but decided against it because it came out horrible).  I wasn’t even paying any attention to Dean and when I went to re-watch the video I saw him making creepy hand motions in the background and just about died.  I can’t believe they actually got a shot of that!  He looks like he’s about to attack me!  Ah, race photos are the best!

What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

If you had to choose ice cream, chips, chocolate, or a bag of raw vegetables…which one would you choose?! 😀


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    Cathy G says

    Chocolate & Chocolate! Love the race photo :) You will never be able to recreate that photo. Priceless

  2. 8

    Gemma says

    Ice cream and dark chocolate – are the two cheats I allow in my life – wouldn’t be happy without them!

    Amazing photo.

    Good luck on Sunday – what corral are you in? If I see you I will say hi!

  3. 17


    Chocolate! Is that crazy? I am not much for hard ice cream but love soft serve (Costco’s cafeteria is my fav) and of course my all time favorite is fro-yo!
    Yes, you have to treat yourself here and there and it is totally fuel for your race :) Happy Friday!

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    Oh my gosh that is the best pic ever! I hope that you guys buy it and put it in a HUGE frame above your fireplace 😉

    Drumsticks hold a special place in my heart. Recently the hubs and I found oreo drumsticks that just about killed me they were so good. Mmmm, I want one now…do you think it’s wise to use this as pre long run fuel???

  5. 27


    That photo is AWESOME! Too funny!

    I LOVE, and I mean LOVE ice cream but I became lactose intolerant last year and can’t even deal with the lactose free kinds now. Biggest disappointment in my life! Enjoy your drumstick for the both of us! 😉

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    Freaking love you! First of all I think it is okay to go off track eating wise every once in awhile. We are only human and it is important to remember that sometimes. Certain foods are often more about the friendships or memories than they are the calories. :)

    Secondly BEST PICTURE EVER!! OMG I love you guys so much. Seriously that totally made my day. :) Have an amazing weekend!

  7. 48


    OMG hilarious!!

    If I had to choose I would choose ice cream covered in chocolate overtop a brownie with fudgeeos crumbled on top! I might be a 5 year old fat kid trapped in a runners body. I hear you about pre and post race carbo loading. I have a race in two weeks so I should start now, right? LOL.

    I just finished an interval run (posted about it here ) and I want to eat everything right now!

    Glad someone can relate!

    xx Nicole

  8. 50


    Happens to me all the time…eat so much post-marathons and somehow try to justify by saying…”oh well I burned a bunch of calories so I’m okay.” Guess that’s why I’m curvy! LOL!

  9. 51


    That’s such a cute picture!
    Orange pineapple is my favourite ice cream flavour…. and I would like to choose a bag of chips, but would probably force myself to at least try to eat raw veggies first.

  10. 53


    words can’t even being to describe how AMAZING that picture is — talk about a kodak moment!! You to are so cute and I’m so glad one of the race phtoags caught you two being yourself:)

  11. 55


    That photo is awesome! I think you should frame it and treasure it for years to come!!

    Ah, ice cream! I’m more of a fro-yo girl and prefer plain vanilla so I can dress it up with delicious toppings! YUM!

  12. 56


    That is the greatest photo haha. Awesome. I remember when I was a swimmer I would eat SO much food before and after races.

  13. 58


    BAHAHAHAHAH! Awesome photo. That drumstick looks amazing. My mother and I used to eat them together all the time.

    Mint chocolate chip – in love.

  14. 59


    First, congrats on your half marathon! I also ran the Toronto half two weekends ago. It was my first time running that distance and I had a lot of fun! As for my recovery, I wouldn’t feel too guilty about eating that Drumstick if I were you. I totally can relate to eating whatever I want post-race, and up until this past Saturday (that’s nearly a week after running the race), I wasn’t eating like my usual (relatively) healthy self.

    Oh, and that’s an amazing race photo, by the way!

  15. 61


    Wow! I have not eaten ice cream in 10 years! 10 years can you believe it!!!! If I had to choose what I would want to eat if health did not matter, I WOULD EAT THE BIGGEST NASTIEST COMBO OF ICE CREAM EVER!!! I want cake batter, mint chip….. peanutbutter… cinnamon buns, glazed donuts… I don’t even know if these are ice cream flavors, but I want them all. Hm, kind of sounds like my last meal?? LOL!!!

    But lets be real, I would totally grad for the spinach and load it up with sugar free ketchup – YUM!! :) Spinach Ice Cream – NO! ha ha ha.

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