I did not fly.

**Thank you to everyone who wished me luck yesterday!  I read all of your comments before the race and all the positivity and luck really helped to keep me going!  You are the best!**

I am not great at writing race recaps.  I know a lot of bloggers are really awesome at remembering what every mile was like for them but I’m usually talking to myself or in too much pain to remember.  I will tell you one thing though, I did not “fly like the wind” but thank you to Britt who had faith in me to do so (she wrote that on my Facebook page and it made me smile)!


I can honestly say that I thought it would go a little better than it did.  I knew I had practically no training under my belt but I still had quite a bit of confidence in myself.  My confidence was boosted even more during the first half of the race.  The first 6 miles were amazing.  Dean and I were running comfortably, chatting, hating on the hill we were given at mile 3 (that was NOT nice, race planners).

At the back of my head I was thinking, “HOLY COW!  I could PR if I keep up this pace!  Plus, the second half has no hills so I will fly right through it!”  My PR is 1:44 so the “plan” didn’t seem so crazy at first.  But then when we hit around mile 8 I wanted to DIE.  My legs were so achy and my knees felt like they were going to give but mentally I was as strong as an ox.  I felt my whole PR dream slip out from under me and quickly reminded myself that I didn’t intend to PR so I had to get it out of my head.

We got slower and slower as the miles went on and I wanted to curse every person who passed me (but I didn’t!).  We took our time getting water, gatorade, and gels while hobbling our untrained legs to the finish.  We attempted a pathetic sprint to the finish and *think* we may have gotten a really cute picture :)  We ended up finishing in 1:59 and I am okay with that!


I will never, ever, EVER run a race untrained again.  My legs feel like they got run over by a truck!  I still had a good time, especially since I had Dean with me every step of the way.  He is naturally really speedy so I know he could have run much faster but he was by my side from start to finish.  I LOVE YOU!

No questions for you today…just tell me something that makes you smile! :)

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    sarah says

    That is awesome that you did it still! My friend took a week to train for a half marathon, and I was impressed by her performance as well. Just be nice to your legs for the next few days. P.s. I noticed that Dean was wearing a bag, does he fill it with alot of stuff? I am always contemplating having a little bag for phone, etc. but am not sure if it would just weigh me down. Any thoughts?

    • 6


      Thank you!

      The bag is actually a hydrapack! It’s filled with water and has a really long straw that comes around to the front so you can drink as you run! There is a little pocket for some extra stuff too. The bag is pretty small so I don’t think it really bothered him at all :)

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    You and Dean make me smile:)

    I can’t wait to run another race with my man — it’s been too long!! I won an entry for a half marathon in Cali around November (In fact… I need to write a review & offer another entry as a prize!) so I’ll learn from your doing and start training if I’m really gonna run it!

    PS: That was a fabulous race recap, whatchu talkin’ bout girrrrl;) <3

    • 10


      Aw you’re so nice :)

      You two should totally run one together again!! And yes, please give yourself enough time to train!

      Hope you’re having an amazing Monday, my love!! Miss your face (but love when you post pics of it on Instagram!). xo.

  3. 13


    I know this is a much longer distance (double) but that sounds exactly like the 10k relay of mine…..I felt so good and then at the halfway got slower and slower. lol

    It was b/c I wasn’t trained….the legs just filled up. You did AMAZING! and a sub 2hr to boot!!!! I think that’s awesome :)

  4. 15


    Congratulations for completing the race!! I finished my half too and in about the same time as you two did!! I am sore today too but in a good way. I miss being sore like this…it’s been a while. Just being able to run these days makes me smile :)

    • 16


      Thanks, Sandy! Congrats on your race too! Doesn’t being able to run again feel so good? Even though I’m in so much pain today, I am so thankful that my body was able to carry me through those 13 miles!

  5. 21


    Even if you finished slower than normal, you’re a freakin BEAST for being able to run a half untrained!! I’m awestruck, you rock sista! :)

    • 24


      I am proud! It’s hard to not want that PR even if you have no intention of getting it. It’s always in the back of my head! This was a good lesson for me though. PR’s can’t happen every time so I’ve just got to roll with it and learn to enjoy myself! Thanks, Beth!

  6. 25


    Your positivity and perspective make me smile. Sorry your race didn’t go as planned, but not only did you finish (and still with a very good time), but you learned from it, too. Train, train, train!

    So glad you had Dean there with you for the moral support!


  7. 27


    If nothing else, races like that remind us of how hard running really is and not to take our training for granted. You were still super cute–love the peach top!

  8. 31

    Karen says

    Congrats by the way…. I’m just curious how much did you run? I am doing a 1/2 in November and I so want to be ready for it. How many weeks of training do you think is good? Not overly anxious to start training to early but I did a 5K yesterday beat my last years time by 1:05 (Been doing a lot of Sprints from James Wilson workouts) but I felt like my endurance was not there. I haven’t run a lot since my 10K last October so I know I have to give it time if I’m going to get to the finish line of a 1/2 marathon :) just looking for suggestions….

    • 32


      Hi Karen! Everyone is different but I find I run races the best/strongest when I’m training about 4-5 days a week. There are so many training plans that you can google. I got mine out of a book from a local running store and followed for my races in the past. However, I did not really train for the race I just ran. I did no cardio for about a month before and prior to that was only running about 2-3 times a week. It was definitely not enough for me! Do not follow that example! I would say give yourself a solid four months of training (or 16 weeks), especially if it’s your first half. I know that’s what worked best for me in the past but once again, you could be different! Check out some online plans and see what would work best/fit into your schedule!

      Hope that helps!

  9. 33


    I’ve learned the undertrained and over zealous lesson a time or two in the past myself, but the good news is that the pain fades :)

    But you got in a sub 2 hour finish on minimal training, which is awesome! I’m proud of you, and the number on the clock doesn’t define you as an athlete. You still are super awesome and lovely :)

    • 34


      THANK GOODNESS this pain will fade! I am not a fan of it. Not a fan at all! Thanks for all of your support and words of wisdom all the time, Britt. You are seriously my #1 inspiration! I hope that one day I can become as dedicated and committed to my running as you!

  10. 35


    Despite you saying you were dying, your pictures say otherwise. I am impressed with some amazing photo skills and hilarious faces. Always make the races go by so much faster! Soreness will go away but hey lessons learned!

  11. 37


    Knowing that you and the Deanster finished together makes me smile. Thanks to him for staying with you and encouraging you. Hurray!

  12. 39


    Girl I felt the exact same way on my marathon on Sunday. Maybe it was just that kinda day for us. First half was going good and then I also felt my PR slip away from me. Then I had to remind myself with 6 weeks of kinda training I wasn’t expecting to PR. Just to finish strong and happy and I did just that.

    Good job on the race, you still did awesome!

    • 40


      Thanks, Sarah! Sounds like we had a pretty similar experience! I actually just read your recap. I’m trying so hard to catch up on blogs! Your outfit was so dang cute! I want every piece! Congrats on getting through it. I can imagine how tough it must have been with such little training. Glad it ended well and that you were able to treat yourself to some yummy food!

  13. 43

    Vanessa says

    Sub 2 is fantastic! That’s a goal of mine for this summer. Do you run with your phone in your hand/on you? I’d like to carry mine in an upcoming race but am thinking maybe I should get an armband or belt to hold the phone.

    • 44


      Thanks, Vanessa! I actually had my phone on me the whole time. The top I’m wearing is called the “stuff your bra” tank (from lululemon) and it’s got pockets in the bust area for a phone, ipod, gels, etc. I just tucked it in there for the duration of the race and it didn’t move! I also have an iphone (which is pretty big) and it fits into the shirt wonderfully! I saw a lot of people with armbands too (I just don’t own one) but having it in my shirt made it really easy to take out and snap pictures!

      • 45

        Vanessa says

        Thanks so much for the fast reply! I have an armband that I just found (it was some race swag) so I’ll try that out. But I’m thinking that that tank top is way too cool to pass up. :)

  14. 48


    Congratulations!! I love the idea of the “stuff your bra” tank! Especially during a race, I don’t like those armbands at all.
    Races are always better with company too :)
    My sister and I are running a fundraiser race next weekend for Mother’s Day. We even managed to get Mum and Dad to do the walk on the same day. Gotta love my Mum :)

  15. 50


    In the NY marathon around mile 25 I got passed by a man dressed in the full UPS outfit carrying a box! Me, my training, and all my high tech gear couldn’t beat that guy, ha! I am still proud of finishing – I try not to think to much about time or compare myself to others – costume or not :) Congrats on your race – you look adorable start to finish!!

  16. 52


    I’m just getting home from a very long roadtrip and seeing this now – THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

    And congrats on the race, I think a sub-2 hour half is pretty awesome, especially when you didn’t train for it!!


  17. 54


    Congrats again Christina !!! & Dean as well (so sweet of him to support you in this race, you’re a lucky girl ^^)
    Let’s just say that practising sport make me smile, or at least makes me feel good 😉

  18. 56


    Congrats nonetheless! Im so incrediby frustrated from that race because even my full long practice run was quicker. I was not prepared mentally and my heart was pounding before the race even started. I was going to sign up for the toronto womens half marathon to do it again at the end of the month but its sold out :( Christina were you right beside the 1:47 sign at the start line?? I think I saw you!! Someone with a bib that said Christina beside a dude that looked like Deen at least!

    • 57


      I just read your recap! Don’t worry, Sarah. It wasn’t our best race but it’s definitely not something to beat ourselves up over. We did what we could based on our circumstances and we should be happy with that! I still think you did great. Be proud for pushing through it!

      That totally was me beside the 1:47 sign! You should have come on over! I would have loved to meet you!

  19. 60


    Isn’t crossing that finish line the best?? When I felt like I crashed during a race – I always remind myself that I ran further and did more than most people in the world that day! It makes me feel so much better.

    Congrats and cute outfit!

  20. 64


    You and your bf are so cute! It’s great that you guys run together and keep each going.

    Your sub-two hour time is but a dream for me! Super inspiring. I am hoping to run a half marathon in Calgary later this fall, but I’m scared! I follow your blog to stay motivated.

    Thanks :)

    • 65


      Thanks Nicole! You should totally run the half marathon. Don’t be scared! As long as you follow a solid training program, you will do amazing! Just promise me that you won’t do what I did, okay?! You NEED to train for it!!! It will be such a great exprience!

  21. 66

    Sailor Girl says

    Not every race is your best race. I think your time is great, considering you weren’t able to train the way you wanted. I do triathlon and my husband (who was an excellent triathlete) always tells me that I should run my own race and that it doesn’t matter what other people are doing. Never give up. Never look back.


  22. 70


    That is so great!!! congrats to you and Dean. It doesn’t matter how you finished as long as you did. I had a similar feeling last weekend for my first marathon. holy cow did I want to die, but I managed to finish strong and that’s what matters.
    A nice run in the a.m. with coffee waiting for me on a gorgeous sunny day is all I need to make me smile.
    I hope your doing wonderful! :)

    • 71


      Gorgeous sunny days make me smile too! Thank you so much and congrats on your first marathon! That is such an amazing accomplishment. I remember when I ran my first (and only) marathon. It was SO hard but it felt so good to finish!

      Hope you’re having an amazin Tuesday!

  23. 72


    Goodness, I can not even imagine going into a race not trained! Props to you for following through. Great job on even finishing!

  24. 74


    Aww you too are so cute! Love that pic of you both! Well done for getting it done love! I knew you could! I think you still got a pretty great time as well! :) One thing that makes me smile is taking my dogs on long beautiful hikes and watching them tear around racing and play fighting with each other. It’s the simple things! :)

  25. 76

    Julia @ Pain, Pride, Perseverance says

    ummm your race pics are making me smile!!! so cute! you are awesome for pushing through! i can relate to the awesome feelings of the first half and the “oh no!” in the second half…that was my same race on saturday but like you i decided just to make the most of it and have fun! great time friend! will you race again soon?

  26. 78


    Girlfriend, 1:59 is NOTHING to shake a stick at. 😉 I’m going for my first half marathon, and I know I won’t get anywhere close to that time! Way to go!!!! You pushed right through! Congratulations!

  27. 79

    Leeana says

    Sub 2hr half on minimal training is amazing! Also love the whole Lulu outfit! Can I ask if the speed shorts in that colour are as comfy as the plain ones? I felt them in the store and they didn’t seem as stretchy is plain black, which is what I ended up going with.

    • 80


      Thank you! I know exactly what you mean about the different materials. I have a few pairs of each. They are equally comfy though! I actually prefer the “stiffer” ones…I think my butt looks kinds loose in the soft ones hahaha!

  28. 82


    This makes me smile! You may not have won, but I’m willing to wager you were the best looking couple on the course. Hope you’re recovering okay!

  29. 83


    That hill was absolutely BRUTAL! And so early on! My friend told me to watch for it at mile 4 (he mixed up the marathon and half marathon courses), so when I saw it so early, I wanted to cry.

    Congrats on a strong finish, despite a lack of training!

  30. 84


    You are seriously freaking amazing! Wow so incredibly proud of both you and Dean. First of all you both look great and I seriously wouldn’t be suprised if you were on the cover of my next Oxygen magazine.

    Secondly I freaking love your attitude and that you stayed mentally strong. At the end of the day that is truly the most important. Congratulations on the accomplishment. :)

  31. 87


    1.59 is awesome…but I totally hear you on the not fully training properly before your next run. I hate feeling ill prepared! Y’all looked like you had a blast…and you make such a cute couple!

    xoxo from Trinidad

      • 91

        Alejandra says

        I’ve been running with Carerra sunnies but the longer I start running, the less they wanna stay on my face! I gotta go look for the “nose things” now! Still so proud of ya!


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