Woohoo!  Last night Dean and I went to the Marathon Expo to pick up our race kits for tomorrow.  I love expos!!  There were tons of samples (sorry James, I MIGHT have eaten a little too much sugar yesterday 😉 ) and it was exciting to be amongst so much buzz and so many runners!  Sorry but I didn’t find anything that would give me superhuman PR powers like I was hoping

We stayed for about an hour and chatted with all kinds of people at the different booths.  There was even some really weird ginormous colon for people to walk through.  Don’t ask me what the purpose of it was but it was pretty weird.  It probably had some sort of significance but I was more concerned with picture-taking (obviously!).

We ended up walking around downtown Toronto for quite a bit and now I have sore legs and feet.  What a perfect addition to my non-training for this race.  I predict I will be hobbling around like a 95-year-old grandma by the time this race is over and done with!  Oh well.  Those nice big medals make it totally worth it, right??

I was trying to come up with a meal plan for tomorrow because I know if I just wing it, I will have stomach issues come Sunday morning.  I have made mistakes with my eating before races in the past (not to self: spicy Indian food is a big no-no).  I have to make sure I don’t eat dairy, beans, too many green veggies, or anything spicy.  Awesome, I know.  For a vegetarian that leaves…..um, bread and fruit.  Here is the plan as of right now:

I hope this works!  It’s not much different from what I normally eat so I think I should be okay.  I may even throw another meal in there if I get hungry before bed or some fruit throughout the day. PS – CCK = Chocolate Covered Katie :)

Wheeeee!  I’m starting to get excited now!  I think it’s going to be a really fun race and the weather looks like is going to be awesome!  Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!  I can’t wait to share race stories with all of you!


If you participate in races, what is your go-to meal the night before a race?

What is/was for breakfast this morning?!


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    I usually have some whole grain pasta or rice/ with chiken and a low fat yogurt with a fruit :) (the next race for me is on the 26th )
    This morning was a “classic” breakfast : half grapefruit , low fat yogurt, toasted slice of whole bread with some honey and a nut flavored tea (love it!)
    “Bonne chance” for your race !!! sure you’re gonna do something amazing ! ;);)

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    I don’t really have a go to meal. I should but I have a hard time remembering what I eat before when I have good runs. Need to write these things down!

    Your expo looks awesome! I love them too, I have a major weakness for buying stuff. I head to my expo today but it will be much much smaller. I think I am going to have to come up there and run that race. Looks like fun!

    Good luck tomorrow!!!

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    Corinne says

    You’ll be great! Just think of the race as another step on your fitness path, rather than a race per se. Enjoy it and take in all the great sights and sounds of the bustle these events bring :)

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    Good luck!!! My pre race breakfast is an english muffin with PB and coffee! mmmmm.

    At the Colon Cancer 15K in NYC they had a giant colon too to raise awareness.s It cracked me up.

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    Yay – good luck, I still think you’re going to rock it!! Expos are the best.. haha I always leave them feeling so pumped and motivated :)

    My breakfast this morning was a 12 grain bagel with peanut butter + coffee – fail-proof pre-race breakfast!! I ran a 5 mile race :) Not my best run and it was a HUGE mental battle the whole way, but I did do a 5 minute PB so I’m pretty happy (not that I ran super well, but I hadn’t ran a 5 miler in about 8 months haha)

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    I have found that fish or shrimp tacos are my best pre-race meal – keep it light and lean but delish. I never eat in the morning before a workout, makes me queasy. I use gels to keep my energy level up throughout the race.
    Good luck & have fun!!

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    Kyrstin Goulding says

    Good luck tomorrow!! You’ll be great!

    My hubby is training for his first half right now, post race I’ll grilled you for any tips and pointers you may have. I had to beg him to wear his fuel belt today for the 8mile…. He thinks he can do it with no rehydration! Men!

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    Sailor Girl says

    My favorite pre-race meal is pumpkin stuffed pasta (Real Canadian Super Store) with chopped tomato, spinach and basil. A little goat cheese is delicious with it as well. Don’t eat too late the night before. You’ll have a great race.
    I’m going for 100km training bike ride on Sunday. I hope my rib (I’m the girl with the broken rib) doesn’t protest too much.

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      Sailor Girl says

      That’s the night before meal.

      For breakfast on race day I have a protein shake. Nothing too much, banana, one scoop protein, some blueberries and lots of water.

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        Sailor Girl says

        It’s the super store brand pasta, so I guess Presidents Choice, but I’m not 100% on the brand. It is really quite tasty.

        As for the rib, it’s getting there. I had a great track work out yesterday, running around the track and doing some TRX in between laps. It was great.

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    Good luck at the race!! That expo looks neat, the colon not so much 😉 I bet you’ll do great even though you were side lined a bit! Just be thankful you can even run the race at all, and the hospital stay didn’t end up being much worse. My breakfast this morning, was overnight oat bran with egg whites.

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    I’m being so paranoid about what I’m eating today too! Although I am eating beans, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, lots of greens….but they work for me, so I’m not too worried :) That’s good that you are sticking to the foods that you know work for you. Good luck tomorrow, enjoy the sunshine, I know I will! :)

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    I’m a little late because I’m just catching up on your blog after being away… but I hope the race went well! 😀 I’ve never done a real race before, but for some reason I always find that I have really good runs the day after eating sushi for dinner haha.

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