Back with a vengeance and my new favourite top

Today was a good day!  It’s been a while ever since my hospital incident but things are finally getting back to normal.  I woke up and made myself some pancakes using this recipe.  I eliminated the blueberries on the inside (because I ran out) and instead topped them with the blueberry preserves that I talked about yesterday.

They were so yummy and I think I will have to go stock up on more preserves since the jar is about halfway done already.  Whoops.

I was finally able to workout again after a week of doing almost no physical activity (aside from walking).  Boy, it felt gooooood.

I did 20 minutes of HIIT intervals on the stairmill followed by the Rainy Day Home Workout posted by Peanut Butter Runner just the other day.  That Quest bar was ridiculously delicious, just so you know.  If you can find them, get the coconut cashew.  I can’t wait to try all of the other flavours that I got yesterday.

I was in and out of the gym pretty quickly but that’s not to say I wasn’t a sweaty mess!  Just the way I like it! 😉

Just because I need to include another random tidbit of information, here is my new favourite Lululemon top (called Push Ur Limits Tank):

I have it in this colour as well as in a pink/black combination and I am in love.  The back is amazing and the straps are so soft.  It’s extremely comfortable, has a built-in bra, and I basically want it in every colour :)

Are you one of those people that buys something in ever colour when you like the way it fits?

Do you have a favourite protein bar?  I need more recommendations! :)


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    I have a Push Ur Limits tank that I bought last year in grey & that black roses print that they had and I looooove it. I’ve been waiting for other colours to come out this year in it, I am totally getting another one!

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    The top looks great! That’s awesome you are starting to feel back to normal! The cashew coconut is actually my least favourite flavour of the ones I’ve tried before. Did you get the peanut butter chocolate? That one is my favorite, followed by the cinnamon roll!

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    Gah, another amazing top. Blueberries on anything makes it 100000x better in my opinion. I have been dying to try those quest bars but haven’t see them anywhere near me yet. Glad you are feeling better and getting back in the game!

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    I bought that same tank in Paris Pink a few months back to match a cute Paris Pink skirt. I have yet to wear both of them but I love them!! I recently bought the Stuff Your Bra Tank too.. I think we are both addicted to Lulu!! It’s pretty bad but fun!!

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    love the top ! looks so comfortable … with some of my sport-bras, I’m always having some burn because of the sweat :/
    I’ve tried new bars last time : SOYJOY bars (finally found them in france !) I took banana and blueberry flavor ; EASY BODY protein (they’re making some low fat) ; and a POWERBAR protein+ white chocolate flavor (O M G so freaking good !^^)
    now I have to try those from ISOSTAR ( yeah I know banana again ! love them 😀 !!!

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    Recki a Corchado says

    I love lulu my favorite! Yes I am the type to buy one in every color if I absolutely love the fit! Glad u are feeling better.

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    So glad you’re feeling better and able to get back to the gym! I have some Lululemon tops that they were stopping production on, and so I bought 3. They’re fabulous!

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    I love Lulu Push Ur Limits tanks, I have 2 now and want more! I’m just waiting for some new colours!!

    I’m SO bad for finding one thing I like then buying it in every colour.. I have 22 pairs of Lulu Speed Shorts (and that’s the ONLY kind of shorts I wear) and about 25 Cool Racerbacks in different colours and they’re really all I wear! It makes for some hysterical tan lines in the summer, I have speed shorts and CRB’s permanently etched on my skin in the form of tan lines (that I can STILL see from last summer!!)

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