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A (long) while back I was able to connect with Alex from DA Active, a company specializing in women’s lifestyle-inspired activewear.  I have been dying to show you what Alex sent me to try out!  A couple of the pieces are the exact same as the one’s Electra reviewed a little while back.  It was a complete fluke, I swear! 😉

Before I start, “DA” stands for “do it again” – from their website, “put positive things into your life…then do it again.”  I love that.

First up: the Braided Tank (in lilac)

I fell in love with this style as soon as I saw it on the website.  It is so different from anything else I own.  I really love the braided detailing in the back and the longer length of the top.  It doesn’t ride up when I’m running or lifting weights.  And the colour?  Pretty perfect if you ask me!

Next up: the DA Jacket (in lilac)

Once again, I really loved the colour of this.  I like that I kind of have a little matching set.  The jacket is perfect to throw on before or after the gym and like the tank, has a really nice length.  I wasn’t sure what size to get when I ordered this, as Alex had told me that the sizes run small.  I usually take a 0-2 in everything but she suggested I get the jacket in a size 6.  The sleeves are a little on the big side but it’s really comfortable and I don’t feel restricted in it at all.

Finally: the DA Fold Over Pant (in grey marle)

Okay I know I said I loved the first two pieces but these pants are amazing.  I cannot even describe the feeling of the fabric.  They are stretchy but they feel so soft at the same time.  They were too long for me so I had to get them shortened (bonus for you tall women – I know it can be hard to find pants long enough!) but it was totally worth it.  I don’t even feel like I’m wearing pants when I have them on!  Is that weird?  My favourite feature is the fold over waist.  There is no digging or pinching of the skin.  The band lies really flat and is super flattering.  There is also a little pocket on the inside (shown above) which is great to carry ID, money, etc.  I love pockets!

These three items had me sold on DA Active!  They are cute, comfy, and very well-priced (in my opinion) for the fantastic quality.  The tank retails for $44, the jacket for $63, and the pants for $69.

Thank you so much, Alex, for the opportunity to review the fantastic pieces of apparel!  They are amazing!

Do you spend a lot of money on workout gear?

What is your favourite brand?


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    Cute tank! I like that it is different. I will splurge on Lululemon here and there but usually buy most stuff from joe (Superstore) or One Tooth – for shorts and capris.

  2. 2


    I love Lululemon but can’t afford to but it as often as I would like to. If it’s not Lulu I usually wear Nike. I love my tempo shorts and a tank. I know you love Lulu too because I am always wanting all of the cute stuff you are wearing :)

  3. 6


    I looooove that tank! WOW And those pants. I am far too cheap with exercise clothes. I wish I wasn’t because the few more costly items I have are the best.

    LOOOVE :)

  4. 11


    I love the Braided Tank! It’s really cute and it looks long too. I am tall and my upper body is a bit longer, so it’s difficult to find tops that won’t show my belly. Nike has longer shirts, so I usually get my work out shirts from them.

  5. 13


    Ooo I love the braided tank! Such a great idea!

    I love Lulu stuff and Nike stuff. I try not to buy it all the time so when I do buy it I don’t feel bad for spending so much :)

  6. 19


    Lulu is my favorite. I love this braided top. I need to take a peak and see if they have it in orange when I haven’t drained my running clothes budget 😉

  7. 21


    Love the tank and the lilac color! I’m usually a cheap-o when it comes to running clothes.,,I usually stick with Nike outlet clothes–but now I’m starting to splurge on running socks (wigwams) and some brooks gear. It usually because I hate doing laundry and I want enough outfits to last at least 1.5-2 weeks for all weather.

  8. 22



    How cute are you in this outfit!? I am so excited we got to collaborate and get your followers to check out DA Active!

    I just want everyone to know that we offer 10% OFF on your first internet purchase and FREE shipping!

    If anyone has any questions I am more than willing to help. You can contact me at or (508) 681- 5982. You can text or call! If I don’t answer please leave a message I am always on the road and sometimes it is hard to answer. I always call back :)

  9. 23


    Adorable outfit!! I really like it. I’ll definitely have to check it out. It looks like good stuff for yoga too. I notice the comment from the woman at DA Active and I see that it’s a local phone number! It’s headquarters is less than an hour from where I live. Hmmm…. definitely gotta check them out now!

  10. 25

    Penny says

    I love the lilac tank. I think I’m going to buy. Can you buy on the website? and I spend so much money on lulu lemon clothes. I love them so its worth it and I get so much war out of everything I buy.
    Hope your feeling better as you look great

  11. 30


    Very cute stuff! I love the lilac color and the pants look incredibly comfortable too.

    I am quite likely the cheapest person every when it comes to workout gear. I do not buy anything unless it is on clearence. I’d rather spend my money on races. hehe

  12. 31


    I am a nike girl through and through, sometimes the lululemon stuff is a little too girly for me although it always looks fab on everyone else! Probably a good job really, I don’t need another excuse to spend a load of money! Haha!

  13. 34


    very pretty! Love the color and the braided back! My foldover sweats are my favorite to lounge in! I am actually sitting in them now!! (Not from DA, but still amazing!)


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