Dear Bob:

I had the pleasure of meeting you back in December.  You were kind, funny, generous, and oh-so-good-looking.  I consider myself lucky to have met one of the most inspiring people in the world.  You and your wife changed my life in ways that I cannot even begin to explain.  Thank you for everything, especially your Tough Love.  I hope there is a nice big gym waiting for you up there, Bob.  I will be reppin’ it out for you today and forever.

Rest in peace Robert Kennedy.

With love,



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    Rip bob…I feel like that photo was only taken yesterday and I was reading your giddy post about how you had just met them. I know how much you admire them

  2. 7


    So sorry you have lost a friend and hero. I know how much he meant to you and will continue to inspire and motivate you. Lovely post.

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    Linda says

    I still can not believe this! My heart goes out to all of his family and friends. There are so many of us out there whose lives he has touched and changed. His tough love is what we all needed at some point in our lives. He will be truly missed.

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    WOW. So sad :( I’d like to think that in heaven there is a fabulous and pristine gym with all of the best equipment, awesome jams, massages, and of course, perfectly delicious refueling food 😉 A girl can dream right? Love your blog! xoxoxo

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