a deconstructed burger & workout music made easy

Thank you all so much for all of kind words and encouragement on yesterday’s post.  I was a bit hesitant to post the picture but I am happy I did.  I now have a way of holding myself accountable and even more reason to work harder to reach my goals. 😀

I recently mentioned my new goal to eat more veggies in the form of salads.  This has actually been going even better than I thought it would.  I washed a ton of lettuce at the beginning of the week and divided it up into containers so that it is ready to go.  I have been adding carrots and cucumbers as well as a nice glob of hummus (instead of dressing).  Thank you to Chelsea for that idea!  I also made a deconstructed burger for dinner the other night and it was delicious.

I like to make my own veggie burgers but when I’m feeling lazy I like to use Amy’s Organic Texas Burgers.  They aren’t as good as homemade but they do the trick!  I just basically threw all of the things that I like in my burger on a plate and ate it salad-style.  They have this option at a lot of restaurants as well (even Fresh!) so you can nix the bun and eat greens instead.

Conpletely unrelated but equally important: workout music.  I have been getting questions regarding what I listen to when I work out.  Dean recently introduced me to an app on my iPhone called 8tracks which has a ton of pre-made playlists that cater to just about everyone and everything.  I pick a different one every day and have yet to be disappointed!  The app is also updated on a regular basis so there is always something fresh and exciting on there.  Yesterday while I was running my Running With Spatulas Virtual Race, my new favourite song came on:

The song is called What Makes You Beautiful and it is by One Direction.  Such a good song.  I had no idea who they were and I literally just googled them and they are a group of five very young guys who look like they are straight out of a Ralph Lauren ad.  Why am I always attracted to music by 14-year-olds?  Click here for the music video if you want to laugh at me.

What is your favourite workout song at the moment?

What’s type of lettuce/greens do you like as the base of your salad?

It probably sounds weird but I really like iceberg lettuce even though it lacks in the nutrient department and tastes like water.  I just really like the crunchiness of it.  I am not really a fan of spinach, arugula, or any of those other “thin” leafy greens as a salad base.  I think it’s a texture thing for me.


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    Angela says

    Have you tried romaine? I use romaine the majority of the time, sometimes I add or use spinach (but I can’t stand how difficult it is to spear spinach with the fork).

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      I second this! I love the crunch of lettuce too, which is why romaine is such a good call. A little more nutrients/vitamins than plain iceberg!

      Favorite music – I like 90s music, mostly! It’s weird, because it’s mostly stuff from when I was 5 and 6 years old. I just like the style best!

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    My all-time favorite work-out song would have to be Spit it out by Slipknot…now I know it is heavy but I dare you to listen to that song and not run faster or lift more! It is very intense, then gets even more intense as the song progresses!

    As for the salad base, Romaine lettuce is all I use, but spinach is good as well….ice burg would be good if it kept better, well at least I have not yet learned the trick to keeping it…

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    I had a “deconstructed” veggie burger at lunch today! On a bed of spinach with asparagus, tomatoes and beets!

    You HAVE to download Flo Rida ft. Sia – Wild Ones. It makes me want to shake my booty every time it comes on my iPod at the gym!

    And if you’re REALLY into boy bands, I heard a rumor that 98* is reuniting.. just saying.

  4. 5


    That app sound awesome! I have been using Fit Radio for a while but I will definitely check that one out! Red leaf lettuce is my favourite! Though sometimes all I want is the crunch of iceberg, like you mentioned. One thing I can.not. stand in my salad is radicchio!

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    That burger salad looks yummy! I would have never thought to make a burger salad, but it looks good :)

    I like to mix up my salads – sometimes iceberg, spinach, arugula, field greens, alfalfa, chick peas & lentils or just big chunks of veggies (like a traditional greek salad). Otherwise I get bored! I also like weird things in my salad- different nuts, berries/ fruit, etc.

    Hmmm… best workout song is tough! Lately I’m loving (kind of an oldie now, but whatever works for you!) Like a G6!! It’s always a dance party in my head 😛

  6. 7


    cannot go out without music ! running for 1 hour without music feels quite boring for me :) I’m used to listen to Michael Canitrot’s podcast ( a french DJ) love electro vibes during my workouts, it gives me a lot of energy !!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qV2o8WwaCEc
    cannot live without salad too !! haha 😀 … not really fond of iceberg , more into : mâche (a.k.a. Lambs’ Lettuce), Oak Leaf Lettuce, rocket lettuce, battavia … I love Spinach Leaf as well and sometimes I’m making a mix with endives !

  7. 8


    OMG that app sounds so cool! I wonder if they have it for androids….
    I think my favorite workout song is Russian Privjet by Basshunter, it never fails to get me goin! :)

  8. 10


    Ohhh I need this app! My 2 favorite songs right now – “Bang Bang” by K’naan (I think the Marroon 5 guy is in the song). And “My Humps” Black Eyed Peas.

    Bang Bang is an AWESOME running song.

  9. 11


    I am so bad at knowing the names of songs! I am a huge fan of working out and running to anything (almost) by Lady Gaga though.
    I almost always use spinach, since we always have it and its versatile.

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    Nicole F. says

    I’m currently obsessed with running to the new Madonna album (MDNA) that came out this week. Most of the songs (esp. tracks 1, 2 and 10) are up-tempo with a good beat… perfect to work out to!

    Also, I was never a fan of salads until I started experimenting with non-traditional ingredients. Romaine is my fave (can’t stand the non-crunchy leaves either), add in some type of nut, different cheeses, berries and different veggies… even put some quinoa on top. I love the combo of romaine, unsweetened dried cranberries, cucumer chunks and pine nuts topped with some balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Delish!

  11. 13


    I usually go with a spring mix for my salads. If I feel like changing it up I go with an herb mix. But I do love arugula and spinach so if I have a bag of that I will add into whatever I am eating.

    Right now I like listening to anything by Santigold!

  12. 14


    My husband and I were having a YouTube playlist night last week and that One Direction song came on. As soon as he saw them he says “You have a boy band crush, don’t you?” :)

    I love mixed greens as a salad base, but truth be told, I always eat the lettuce part of a salad first because I like the toppings so much more!

  13. 15


    I am so glad you are loving the salads! Salads can really be so much fun and I am very proud of you. :)

    I need to get an Iphone so I can get in all all this fancy app talk. ha ha I am so behind the times. I rarely listen to music when I run but I definitely can admit to loving me some Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber. ha ha! Have an amazing weekend girl.

  14. 16


    My 10 year old daughter and I both LOVE One Direction!! I love boy bands and pop music in general. I’ve never met a lettuce I don’t like, I’ll eat any of them.

  15. 17


    Haha I love that song! It’s kinda getting played out over here already though. I’m obsessed with Gotye- somebody that I used to know lately. I also downloaded an app called fit radio today and I was going to make a post about it! haha

  16. 18


    I’ll have to try that app, I’m due for some new music! My favourite song right now is Shake by Pitbull haha

    I prefer romaine or baby spinach, I find they both taste the best.

  17. 19


    I could really do with an app like that, Pandora doesn’t work here which sucks and after I poured wine on my old laptop (doh!) I lost allllll my years and years worth of itunes! GUTTED!! Now I’m pretty lazy about collecting music so this app would be fab!!

  18. 20

    Nicole K says

    That app sounds great! Im going to have to check it out. There’s a website called Rock My Run where you can go and get playlists. They are contstantly adding new mixes and they are amazing!

    I like mixing Baby Spinach with Arugula :)

  19. 21


    I love your blog, your too cute! I have been loving on roasted veggie salads, with roasted broccoli, cauliflower or asparagus and brussels sprouts, with homemade turkey burgers. So good!

  20. 22


    I am currently in love with spinach salads, they are my favorite! My favorite workout song is Chris Brown’s song, Turn Up the Music, love the beat!

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