Altra Running Shoe Giveaway!!!

Sorry I was post-less yesterday!  I was busy enjoying the sunshine at the beach!  Yes, in March…in Toronto.  This weather is starting to freak me out but I really can’t complain.  I love sunshine and sunshine loves me back!

I have a sweet giveaway for you today!!  A while back I started to see these Altra shoes all over the blog world so I got curious and checked the site out for myself.  Altra specializes in zero drop footwear which “offers runners the world’s first fully cushioned, foot-shaped, training shoe without an elevated heel.  This unique platform allows for a more natural foot strike and a more efficient, comfortable ride.”

One of the styles in particular, the Eve, caught my attention.  It is a minimalist shoe and reminded me very much of Vibrams.  I had been wanting to get Vibrams for a while but when I went to try them on it took me a good 25 minutes to get all my toes into their little designated spots!  It was seriously a workout in itself.  I couldn’t imagine doing it every time I wanted to wear them out for a run!!  When I saw the Altra Eve running shoes, I knew I wanted to give them a shot.

Jeremy over at Altra kindly sent me a pair of Eves to test out and review.  I was so excited when they arrived.  The most minimalist shoe that I had ever run in before was my Nike Frees so these were quite different.  My first reaction was that they were so light!  They only weigh 4.5 ounces!  I was told that they fit true to size so I ordered them in the size I usually take in running shoes (8) and was pleased when I slipped them on and they fit perfectly.

I have had them for over a month now and took them on a few runs so that I could give my honest opinion.  I absolutely love these shoes for shorter runs.  I will be sticking to my Asics for longer runs because I know I have pronating feet and the last time I ventured into something less supportive, I was blessed with knee problems (thank you, Running Gods).  For shorter runs though, these shoes are amazing.  I especially like them for doing sprint intervals on the treadmill.

What I found really cool about the shoes was that they completely changed how I run when I am wearing them.  They kind of force me (in an effortless way) to run properly and avoid heel-striking.  They keep me on my toes and I feel as though my turnover rate is much faster as a result.

I’ve also worn the shoes to the gym for my strength training sessions.  They allow me to have a really good grip on the floor and help me stay balanced.  I often skip between my sets at the gym and these shoes really make me feel like I’m flying when I jump because they are so light!

I am a big fan of the Eves!  SO big that Jeremy has offered to give a pair away to a lucky reader!!  How awesome is that?!

All you have to do is LIKE Altra’s Facebook page and leave me a comment below telling me that you did!

Contest will end on Monday, March 26th at midnight EST.  Good luck!


  1. 7

    Mirka says

    Just liked the Altra Shoes Facebook Page! Thank you for the candid account of your experience- very motivational! 😉

  2. 8

    Steph says

    I liked them! I would love to see how they compare to my vibrams! You are so right about the time it takes to put them on! :)

  3. 12


    Hmm! i am very intrigued to give these a try – I need to start getting into some cardio again, and these could be a perfect replacement for my huge clunky shoes which do me no favors when I’m dealing with tired and “heavy”-feeling legs. Thanks for the link!!

  4. 14

    Cathy G says

    Liked the Altra page. I am not a runner yet… I start my 5k training on Monday! My goal is to do a Color Run this year :) A good pair of shoes would be a blessing.

  5. 37

    Nikki says

    I’m liking them as I type this, if it decides to load on my phone haha!

    I’d love to try these too. I just got the Brooks Cadence shoes which are more minimalist and I absolutely have loved those, even for longer runs. They aren’t as minimal as the Eve’s, which I wanted because I knew I would be running longer distances. However, like you said, it’d be awesome to have a pair for shorter training runs and speed work to really keep form in tact.


    Good luck to all!

  6. 47

    Julie says

    I liked Altra’s FB page. I would love to try them. I have been very reluctant to try Vibrams & minimalist running.

  7. 52


    This is super exciting! I just was told how amazing minimalist shoes can be for your hips, shins, knees, etc. This is a perfect time for you to do this giveaway as I would LOVE to try a pair! I liked them on FB!! Thanks for doing this :)

  8. 55



    Christina, had you considered trying these shoes for longer runs? They might correct your stride (if that’s what’s causing your knee issues) and force you to land on your forefoot where you have more natural cushioning and less impact is sent up your leg and knee. If you haven’t read Born to Run I’d definitely recommend it, lots of good info in there on barefooot running!

    • 56


      I thought about it but with my Frees, I would get pretty bad calf, ankle, and foot pains! It will probably take a lot of time to adapt but I imagine it will benefit me. I am going to slowly increase the distances but I don’t think I would do 100% of my training in them. I will pick up Born To Run. I am so curious!

  9. 57


    Like them :) and I love my intuitions so much that I would love to try the Eve’s I think Altra’s shoes are an amazing product! I am totally excited about them

  10. 60

    Katie H says

    Hey!!! Happy that you really like them I’ve been wanting to give them a try but have been kind of on the fence as I’m worried about good support from my knees as well. Good to know they worked well for short runs!! I liked them on Facebook, fingers crossed!!!!

  11. 68


    I already like Altra on FB. I’ve had my eyes on the Delilah’s for some time, but sadly these cool kicks haven’t made their way to many vendors here in the Chicagoland area yet.

    Look at you getting your svelt on at the gym! Hot dog look at those guns!

    • 73


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  12. 76

    Julia says

    I liked Altra on Facebook! I would love to try these. I have been using Vibrams for almost a year now and absolutely love them and would love the opportunity to try different types of barefoot shoes!

  13. 77


    I liked Altra on FB!

    I’ve been wanting to try a lightweight shoe for running for a while now! I’m nervous about using them for long runs because of my foot injury last year but these would be awesome for short runs!

  14. 80

    Stephani says

    I liked them! As a marathon runner and someone who runs 5 /6 miles a day, I would absolutely love to try these! I swear by Asics too, but have always wanted to venture out of my comfort zone, just afraid to spend the money on something I may not like.

  15. 86


    Awesome giveaway! I’ve just started training for a 5K in May and I’ve yet to get shoes specific to running. I can tell that my cross-trainers aren’t cutting it so I would LOVE to try these!

    I liked on FB!

  16. 88

    Liz R says

    Altra has been liked on facebook. These shoes sound great! I have a slight addiction w/ purchasing running shoes lol, but I do not own anything like this & they sound great! Especially for interval training & Plyometrics. Thanks for sharing! Good luck everyone.

  17. 89

    Brittany says

    I liked Altra’s fb page!!! these shoes look awesome and they would be perfect for strength training just like you said!! :)

  18. 91

    Donnie Flaherty says

    OMG…I was just telling my husband how I needed some new running shoes and my Bday is tomorrow…what a perfect gift if I won:) Your shoulders look awesome in that last pic:)

  19. 96

    Heather Fuller says

    I liked them… :) Sound like some awesome shoes ans would love to try something that would help me heel-strike less, as my husband tells me all the time, “stop heel-striking!” I can’t seem to help it though…ugh! Anyway…excited at the prospect of actually winning a pair!

  20. 97

    Carmen says

    I liked their page! I’ve been wanting to try a minimalist shoe because I have knee problems from over-training on pavement (too much impact!). Hopefully with a minimalist shoe it will force me to avoid heel striking and reduce some of the impact on my knees.

  21. 100

    Amber says

    I’ve recently been trying to get back into running and doing sprints….I think having a great shoe like these would only help! Liked their facebook page and my fingers are crossed!

  22. 102

    Kelly Hagemann says

    Liked Altra Running on Facebook! I’d love to take these guys out for a run or two or hundre!

  23. 110

    Chrystal says

    I liked them on facebook! I would love to try these shoes and just in time for my birthday lol 😉

  24. 115

    sharon g says

    I just “liked” Altra’s facebook page. I think these would be great for weight training. I really hope you pick me!!!

  25. 116

    Claudia says

    Liked on facebook! I would love to try these! I have been following your blog for a while and I got suckered into trying chickbands as well. All I can say is, keep up the product reviews, they are awesome! I can’t wait to try these shoes even if I don’t win them :)

  26. 119

    Abby says

    I like Altra on bookface now! =P Sweet giveaway!! I would love to win a pair of these shoes for my shorter runs!!! =)

  27. 123

    Jenn says

    I liked them! I’m a biker who was recently converted to running so I would love to try a pair. My trail running shoes just aren’t cutting it.

  28. 129


    So awesome! Altra is a UT company and everything in utah rocks. :) ha!

    I already “like” altra’s fb page and would absolutely love to win a pair of these shoes.

    P.S. You look hardcore and ripped in that weight lifting pic. You are awesome!

  29. 134

    Kristi says

    I have liked the Altra page for a while. These shoes are wonderful! I have the intuitions, which are great for long runs. They have more cushioning, but are still a zero drop. I also run in five fingers, but prefer the altras for my longer runs. I would love to have a pair of the eves, but would also be very excited for someone else to win & experience the many benefits of minimalist footwear! If you aren’t already on the bandwagon, you should be!

  30. 179


    I liked them! These would be great for me as I am just beginning to run more often. I was an elliptical girl for the longest time, and have just fallen in love with running :)

  31. 181


    I liked their page. I pronate as well and use Asics – but I have been wanting to try a minimalist shoe for strength/kickboxing days. I hear it might strengthen my weak ankle which I need!

  32. 184


    I liked them! : D I’ve tried the Merrell barefoot and the New Balance Minimus, so I def wouldn’t mind giving these a try. Thanks for the opportunity!


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