I challenge YOU!

Tyler from WeightTraining.com contacted me not too long ago requesting some information on my choice of protein powders.  We exchanged emails over a couple of days talking about powders vs. whole foods and all kinds of fun stuff.  He offered to send me a WeightTraining.com t-shirt in return and I think it’s pretty cool 😉

Right before this morning's workout :D

Shortly after, he tweeted me a link to the “1 Month No Sweets Challenge” on the WeightTraining.com website.  I looked into it and as terrifying as it sounds, I convinced myself to sign up…

You can read all about the details here.  Basically it is a month with no sweets and if you “cheat”, you must start the 30 days over again.  If you complete the challenge, you are just in time for Easter, and I grant you permission to eat a Costco-sized bag of Mini Eggs.  I told Tyler that was my plan and he was not impressed.


On a more serious note, you will most likely feel better about yourself, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you were able to complete a goal, and it will prove that sweets are not really necessary in your diet.

I already talked about March being “no junk month” for me but I signed up as a way to hold myself accountable.  Now I am challenging YOU to sign up too (it only takes about 30 seconds).  We can give each other high fives and get a little discussion going (aka talk about the first candy we’re going to rip open when the challenge is over).

Sound good?

Probably not, but I’m doing it anyway!  Let me know if you are in!

PS – it already says I “conquered” the challenge because I clicked “completed” by accident…  Don’t mind that!  I started yesterday, March 7th, and will go until April 7th (I hope)!


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    I give up chocolate for lent every year so I’m already halfway there. I’ll give it ALL up for 30 days……….chips aren’t sweets right? EEK!

  2. 7


    Good luck with the challenge! I’m usually pretty good about staying away from sweets–but recently it’s been all I’ve been wanting (froyo, Swedish fish, dark chocolate). I’d love to try this challenge out!

  3. 9


    I’m in! I get so mad at myself sometimes… I eat clean for my meals…..kill myself swimming, biking, etc…. And then eat (insert any candy here!)… so I am throwing myself into this….

  4. 21

    Angela says

    I love this quote from the challenge… “The 1 Month No Sweets Challenge addresses the most important aspect of fitness: Getting the refrigerator in shape.” So true!

  5. 25

    Novella says

    I’m in! Sweets are my one weakness. This is good segway into a question I wanted to ask you…how do you handle ‘sweet treats’ from well-meaning friends/family? Ex. my fiancee sent me a ginourmous gift basket of chocolate in the mail yesterday (he’s deployed right now). Do you thank them and let yourself have some or try to do some explaining? It’s hard when my fiancee is the type of guy who can eat whatever he wants and still somehow maintain his six pack. Would appreciate any advice! Also, hi from a fellow Ontarian!

  6. 28

    Allison says

    I gave up sweets for Lent (including any kind of refined grains….so the only bread allowed is Ezekiel). It has been tough. But I am puzzled by “popcorn” on his list. Air popped popcorn? How is that high in sugar?

  7. 35


    Haha, nope – doesn’t sound good at all. :) I would be so proud of myself if I did this, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. I’m don’t eat THAT many sweets, but whenever I tell myself “no,” I want them 100x more!

  8. 37


    I stopped eating sweets on March 1st for the month. I was out of control with the cookies! It hasn’t been too bad. After a little while the cravings stop.

  9. 39

    Chelsey leone says

    Maybe this will help me break my snickers peanutbutter addiction! Does anyone else crave sweets at night? I need something to trick my brain

  10. 41


    That sounds like a great idea! I have been tossing the idea around… I have a bag of mini eggs that is half gone that I should stop eating! Thanks for the motivation, I may have to suck it up and sign up tomorrow.

  11. 49


    Love the orange shorts! Those are adorable and you look great and like you are getting stronger. :)

    I am totally in on the no sugar challenge, in fact I have been off of sugar since January and have never felt better. I didn’t even cheat on V-Day! I might wait until after my birthday to start though. :) It really is amazing how much I don’t crave sweets at all after being off of them for so long!

  12. 51


    I’m in, I accept this challenge :) sweets are usually my problem,I eat well throughout the day, then at night I find myself craving sweets :/ so this will def keep me away from them!

  13. 54

    Amanda says

    Done!!! Signed up!!!! Only because of the Costco sized bag of Mini Eggs at the end 😉
    Haha, this isn’t going to be easy!!!

  14. 58

    Cindy Chase says

    I’m in! I am training for a half marathon and on Day 2 of Insanity…this will help make the results all the better!! Thanks for your posts and updates. I look forward to your ‘motivation’ everyday!!

  15. 61

    Heather says

    Ok, this scares me a little but I have been gradually improving my diet lately so perhaps it is what I need to make an even bigger difference. I have a batch of vegan rice krispie treats (made w/ almond butter and brown rice syrup-YUM) that I need to “dispose” of and then I can start. Question – does alcohol count as a sweet?

    • 62


      Yeah!! You should totally do it!!! I am not sure about the alcohol. I have never been a drinker and I hate the taste of all of it so I know nothing except that it’s terrible for you! I would try to cut it out as much as possible :)

  16. 65


    this is tempting to do, since i ate goddess knows how many boxes of Girl Scout cookies, homemade cookies, and snickers this past week. though on March 17 I will be baking a Stout Cake for a party. . . and I would REALLY want to partake in the eating of it, LOL. hmmm.

  17. 69

    Gabrielle says

    I signed up!! Ahh.
    I pray to God wine isn’t considered a sweet?
    I’m excited and terrified.

  18. 73


    I’m in definitely! I’ve been struggling with eating way too many sweets lately! I’ve already given up soda for lent, and this will just be the icing on the cake. Yay for healthy eating! :)

  19. 78


    Good luck! Fortunately my taste buds actually don’t like super sweet things. I actually eat the completely unsweetened baking chocolate (not the semi-sweet) without adding fake sweetener and love it! Also in all oats, and smoothies I don’t add sweetener and still find them sweet enough! And thats with unsweetened protein powder too! What an awesome challenge this is though :)

  20. 82

    Tiffany says

    I’m a few days late on this but I’m totally in! I love eating clean BUT I have the biggest sweet tooth and it’s the hardest habit for me to kick! I can’t wait to see the world of difference that I know this change will make!

    P.S. I love your blog! So inspirational! :) Thanks for keeping us motivated!

  21. 83


    I just saw this and I thought, ummm, I’m in? I gave up chocolate for lent, but I find myself justifying trying new desserts here in Spain that contain chocolate as NOT chocolate. This is cheating right? yikes! Maybe it’s a necessity that I do this challenge, I’ve got the biggest sweet tooth!!


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