protein powders & gold flowers!

I get asked all the time what products I use and recommend.  Over and over again I will say that everyone is different and what works for me may not work for someone else.  With that being said, I’d like to share a new protein powder that I just got and love!

That’s right – Birthday Cake flavour!!!  This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about About Time protein.  I bought another flavour a while back but wasn’t a huge fan.  What I like about this protein powder is that it is all natural, 0 carbs, 0 sugar, and lactose-free.  It comes in so many flavours too!  Cinnamon Swirl is going to be my next one :)

So although I won’t say a particular brand is best, I will say that you should always make sure the protein powder you get is all-natural.  Look at the ingredient list and nutritional label to make sure there isn’t anything funky in there!  Protein powders are a great way to get some quick, easy, and delicious protein in – just make sure it’s quality protein you’re consuming!

Completely unrelated but equally amazing are these Bella hair clips that Mindy from Finding Silver Linings sent me!!  I am in love with her Etsy store!  She makes really cute and feminine hair accessories that make a casual ponytail look fun and flirty.

Let’s face it.  We are all guilty of working out and then throwing our hair up in a bun or ponytail hoping no one will notice!  Add a gold flower and BAM!  No one will ever know.  I have gotten compliments on these hair clips everytime I’ve worn them out 😉

I want to get one of her fun headbands next.  I bet they would do a great job at keeping my hair horns under control!

Check out her Etsy store to see what else she’s got.  She makes really cute things for little girls too and everything is priced really well!

I hope you all are having a great day!  Today was my last day of work for the week and I have a four day weekend!!  Woohoo!  I’m hoping to try some new recipes (that I can share with you) and am planning some intense sweat sessions!  Can’t wait! 😀

What’s your favourite protein powder?

So far I have really liked the new Vega Sport, Neocell Collagen Sport, and About Time the best!  All three have quality ingredients and awesome nutritional stats.


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    Anna-Roza says

    My fave protein powder is the NEW Whey Protein Powder. It is only 110-calories and has 23-grams of protein. What I love about it the most is the fact that it has absolutely no aftertaste..and I never get that bloated feeling after…

  2. 3


    Thanks for this post. I just ordered the About TIme in Birthday Cake from Amazon. can’t wait to try it! What do you usually mix it with? I have always only done vanilla protien powders and blend with ice and fruit or with PB. Not sure what to mix with birthday cake :)

  3. 7


    I love the flavor of birthday cake… I’ll have to check that one out! I normally use Muscle Milk 100% Whey immediately post-workout–mainly cause I can get it at Costco relatively inexpensively–and Shakeology later on in the day.

  4. 9


    LOVE Neocell Collagen Sport–actually doing a review about it in the next few weeks :) I also really like Click if I’m having a protein shake in the am (the whole caffeine thing!)

    I’m the queen of making my ponytails “fancy” so I can be considered appropriate :) I always tie my hair back around the elastic and bobby pin it so it looks more dressed up!

  5. 13


    I love that you find awesome new products, but it’s starting to become bad for my wallet LOL. I love the new Vega Sport too – I won a container from them a while ago and I love to take it on the go!

  6. 17


    I used to get share protein with my hubby and he got Allwhey Allmax which I did like but now I buy Vega for myself and just found out a place in town carries Sunwarrior and am excited to try it finally!

      • 21


        It is! Its so thick!! And it does not have an aftertaste at all which I love. I actually love the taste of it compared to some protein powders. I ended up getting the French Vanilla one. LOVE!

  7. 24


    Don’t take a protein powder, but I’m going to try to start b/c I think I need more protein in my diet!

    And by the way, I keep meaning to tell you a MAJOR CONGRATS for your body rock victory! I am so proud of you, you TOTALLY deserved it :)

  8. 27


    I just got About Time Birthday Cake in the mail a few days ago! I think I first heard about it on your blog so thank you because I love it! Which flavor did you have that wasn’t your favorite? I’m going to try the peanut butter one next!

  9. 29


    i love teras organic dark chocolate whey (but its soo expensive) and MRM is great. i’m so picky about protein though- i refuse to do artificial anything. still trying to find a good casein without artificial flavors that actually tastes good!

  10. 33


    This is handy as I have been umming and ahhing over which protein powder to to get for ages! Luke brought some home for me from work but I didn’t like the look of the ingredient list, they’re def not on the all natural bandwagon! :/ Seen a lot of good things about Sun Warrior too but it’s pretty expensive… Will look up this about time brand see if I can get it delivered here! Thanks! :)

  11. 35


    Lately I’ve been using unsweetened whey from the Bulk Barn…it’s REAL cheap that way and there are literally JUST two ingredients in it! Before that I was using Leanfit Whey protein from Costco, which I was pretty happy with also! Clearly I seem to be a bulk protein powder purchaser haha!

    Where are you finding the about time protein powders? I haven’t managed to find them yet but I’ve always wanted to try them!!

    • 36


      I didn’t even THINK to go to Bulk Barn!!! Plain whey is great to hide in foods! I found the About Time at some random store in Scarborough called Low Carb Canada. It’s really close to one of the schools that I teach at so I took a drive over. They have every flavour and the store is full of sugar-free everything!

  12. 37


    Hey Love! Sorry but I forget which About Time you tried and didn’t like?

    The cinnamon is really good but I didn’t think it had a “true” cinnamon flavor. However, I would buy it again because I really like all of their products.

    Your hair accessories are adorable xoxo

  13. 39


    I would LOVE to try this flavor out. I have such a hard time with protein powders. I think they all kind of taste nasty. Right now I just use Designer Whey. Not for any reason other than it’s reasonably priced and one of the few decent ones I can get in my regular store. But birthday cake? Sign me up!

  14. 41


    I almost just ordered that powder! I wasn’t sure what to do about bcaa’s and glutamine, which are always in the powders I use with a sufficient amount that I’ve never added it- do you add those in? I guess it wouldn’t hurt to. I think I might try it. Right now I’m using plantfusion vanilla and I really like it. Those hair lips are very cute- going to check them out too!

  15. 45


    Super cute flowers! I’m totally a throw my hair in a bun and stick something cute in it person haha. For protein powder I’ve always used Dymatize Iso 100… It is gluten, lactose, and carb free and I find that it cooks really well and tastes good in shakes too :)

  16. 53

    Amy Rock says

    I love love love About Time protein powder!! I’m so glad other people are trying it. Also, I really do enjoy the cinnamon swirl flavor. It will be a good next choice. :)

  17. 55

    Natasha says

    Christina, thanks so much for the protein powder review/suggestion! I can only digest whey isolates and wasn’t aware they made an all natural isolate product that also tasted good! I just ordered the birthday cake flavor online and can’t wait to try it! Also, you can get two samples for $3.99 on their website so i’m gona try the cinnamon swirl and the chocolate! :)

  18. 58

    Kirk says

    Dont mean to be a wet blanket or anything but that protein shake is GMO. In other words ,it is not made with Organics. After looking up the label back I would consider discontinuing that shake until more reach is done on the ingredients. It contains cows milk, which studies have proven the cassein in milk to support the growth of cancer cells. It also contains “natural flavors”, companies can legally and do put aborted baby fetal tissues under that catagory in our food among many other harmful ingredients.
    Why would companies put harmful ingredients in our foods? 1. Because sick people are BIG bussiness to Big Pharma Companies and keep the population down as they desire. 2. Because it is cheap and saves money to use what they would at onetime dispose of ,now recycled back in our food under a new names and created concocted ingredients.

    Pepsico just had a large lawsuit and had to remove the “All Natural” label from there Naked Fruit drink because they had been putting synthetic lab made ingriedients in that drink all these years and many were made ill from it including my family and I. Truth is, almost all the companies are doing it today including baby foods.

    The best way to tell if a product IS GMO(Genetically Modified Organisms). Is if they DONT have a “Non GMO” Label on the front.

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