Have you heard of Choffy?

A while back I was contacted by Sarah Glancy who is an Independent Executive Distributor for Choffy.  What the heck is Choffy, you ask?  I know, I thought the same thing.  Choffy is a new product kind of like coffee but made from roasted and ground cocoa beans instead!  It can be served as a hot or cold chocolate drink and is only 20 calories per serving.  Sarah kindly asked if I was interested in reviewing Choffy on my blog (she must know about my chocolate obsession).  I obviously agreed and was excited to try out a product that could possibly curb my chocolate cravings!

Bonus:  Choffy contains no sugars, fat, chemicals, gluten, or dairy.  It brews just like coffee does and requires either a French Press or a coffee maker.  Dean has a French Press so we tried it out that way.

Verdict?  As a beverage, I was not a fan.  It was extremely bitter to me.  I tried adding almond milk and vanilla flavoured stevia but the bitterness was not minimized at all.  This is personal though.  I am not a fan of dark chocolate at all and Choffy tastes just like dark chocolate to me.  Dean loves bitter beverages and drank the Choffy just like he would drink an espresso (and liked it).

I didn’t want to give up on Choffy though!  I thought it had great potential and a really nice texture so I tried it in some of my meals/recipes and it proved to be pretty tasty!  Here are some of the ways I really enjoyed it:

Double chocolate strawberry oats - 1/2 cup oats, one scoop white chocolate protein powder, one tbsp chia seeds, and strawberries topped with Choffy

frozen banana, Greek yogurt, Choffy

clean "CHruffles"

post-workout soft serve

The taste is just like cocoa powder but Choffy has a really unique texture with a little bit of crunch!  It serves as a really fun topping and adds a hint of chocolately flavour to some yummy treats.  If you want to learn more about Choffy, check out their website and Facebook page.

I will post the “CHruffles” and post-workout soft serve recipes within the next couple of days, don’t worry! 😉

Do you like dark chocolate?

I’ve always preferred milk chocolate, but that’s just me!  I like my chocolate really sweet and creamy!

Are you a coffee drinker?

I’m not.  Coffee is much too bitter for me.  I would rather have a nice flavoured tea with some almond milk :)


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    Choffy sounds interesting. I love coffee and dark chocolate. I do have a piece of dark chocolate every day, but I would like to cut back. I am always looking for new ways to curb my cravings.

  2. 9


    I love coffee – especially when it has chocolate notes. I always load mine up with a nice balance of soy milk so it is creamy deliciousness. I like chocolate of any variety :) but wouldn’t say I am an addict of any sorts. I have a major sweet tooth though that is completely incurable. That is probably one of my biggest “diet” challenges!!

  3. 11


    Yum! This sounds delicious! I love dark chocolate–the darker the better! Why is my secret stash of dark chocolate gone already here at work? :( I guess I need to finish off this 2.5lb bag of peanut m&ms!

  4. 13


    My dad tried choffy once but he didn’t like the flavor either…and it gave him some BAD tummy troubles!
    And girl I’m so with you on coffee being nasty, I love me some chai tea!! 😀

  5. 15


    I may have to buy some Choffy! I adore dark chocolate (the darker the better) and I really love my coffee (black and dark!). Yum! Can’t wait to see the CHruffles recipe.

    Also, I bought the Athletarian Chickbands combo from Kara on Etsy and wore one during my half and loved them! Thanks!

  6. 21


    So interesting! I too prefer milk chocolate over dark, but am starting to love dark too as long as it’s not too bitter. I love chocolate so much though!
    I do like coffee, but I think I have more sweetener and soy milk in it than coffee. 😉

  7. 25


    I actually don’t drink coffee myself because it makes me a little anxious….otherwise I’d be all about it, haha.

    But oh my gosh, that soft serve looks amazing, I can’t believe you made that?! And those ball things looks yummy as well. Good way to put a positive spin on something that may not have been your favorite thing upon first tasting!

  8. 27


    i would love to try that! i’m definitely a coffee drinker- nothing added, straight black. but i’m pretty picky about where its from and always grind the beans. some coffee is just awful and way to bitter/crappy tasting!

  9. 29


    Interesting. I am not a coffee drinker at all so I doubt I would like it as a drink either. Very smart of you to try it different ways.

    I have totally hopped on the clean eating train and am loving the way I feel. Thank you for inspiring me. :)

  10. 37


    Very interesting! I do not like coffee either (or anything that remotely tastes like coffee) but I love how you used it in different ways! yummy!

  11. 39


    I’ve never heard of Choffy. I love dark chocolate but I will only drink coffee if it’s more “coffee milk.” Black coffee, ick! I was like you up until 3 years ago. I couldn’t stand the taste of anything coffee(even ice cream!). I don’t know what switched for me. I guess it’s an acquired taste.

  12. 43


    Oh my goodness am I a coffee drinker? Yes! It’s my vice! I’ve heard of choffy but I haven’t seen it in any stores and I’ve definitely never tried it before either.

  13. 45


    I have never heard of that but it seems interesting! Might have to take a look!

    I am a HUGE coffee drinker, like huge. I drink probably a pot a day, no joke.

    Not a huge fan of dark chocolate at all. Give me milk chocolate any day!

  14. 54


    I would absolutely love this! Dark chocolate and coffee is one of my favorite food pairings… bring it on…. would love to be selected to do a review of Choffey!

  15. 57


    A product similar to Choffy is Crio Brü. You may want to try both and see which you like better. I’ve been told that most people prefer Crio Brü.

  16. 61


    Hmm, I’ve never heard of it. Seeing how I am an intense coffee addict and I absolutely love dark chocolate, I could like it! Does it have caffeine though like coffee? I think it’s interesting how you can brew it or sprinkle it to eat.?

  17. 67


    Yum! I want to try that. It was dissapointing to hear you didn’t like it as a drink though, I was all excited that this was going to be a new low calorie delicious hot chocolate alternative! But I’d love to see your recipe for chruffles! Way to be creative!

  18. 69


    Not a coffee drinker at all … never could get myself to like it even when it was the “cool thing to do.” HAHA. I’m with you – tea all the way!!

    And choffy!?!?!?! Seriously. Amazing. I LOVE dark chocolate. I. WANT. SOME. NOW! ;-D

  19. 70


    I will definitely look into this product. I’ll drink coffee once in awhile, prefer decaf, I do like the flavor of coffee with almond milk but also love hot chocolate too. Can’t wait to try them.

  20. 71

    Sandra says

    I see you tried the Mamberamo flavor of Choffy. This is my least favorite…it’s bitter. The Ivory Coast and La Espanol are my favorites! I drink alot of Choffy every day. I love the antioxidants and all the good things about it. I have not had a cup of coffee since I tried Choffy. I can’t wait to try your Chruffle recipe!!!


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