me vs. vegetables

So we’ve been through this before.  I have had a battle with vegetables.  There are so many out there that gross me out and I need to get creative in order to eat them.  I came across this great blog recently and have become hooked!  Monika has so many clean recipes (which she calls “tummy treats” – so cute).  A few days ago she posted a recipe for mashed “potatoes” which was actually mashed CAULIFLOWER!  You make it the exact same way you would make mashed potatoes and they are creamy, delicious, and down right comforting!!

See?  They even look like mashed potatoes!!  Yes, I am okay with asparagus in small quantities.

I will probably be eating this every day until I discover my new favourite way to hide a vegetable.

Here is her recipe:


  • one head of cauliflower
  • two cups almond milk
  • pepper and granulated garlic (or spices of your choice)


  1. Cut cauliflower into quarters and break into florets
  2. Place cauliflower and almond milk in a pot and bring to simmer (watch this closely – both of us had it boil over!)
  3. Cook until soft and then drain cauliflower (save the milk stock)
  4. Puree in blender or mash with a masher (add any extra milk stock if needed – I didn’t)
  5. Add spices of your choice

Make this.  Now.

Do you like cauliflower?  How about mashed potatoes??

I think cauliflower is weird, especially when people eat it raw!!  Mashed potatoes are probably one of the greatest things in life (after the new man in my life, obviously).


  1. 7


    I made these a few weeks ago and even my “meat & potatoes” fiance ate them! Hardest thing was making sure they were really really dry before I mashed them. Too much water and they get…..gooey

  2. 8


    i love roasting cauliflower, and i’ve made “rice” from it before. but i’m a veg fanatic – especially when roasted with olive oil and salt!

  3. 9


    I have been wanting to make these mock mashed potatoes for awhile! I am not a huge cauliflower fan and only eat mashed potatoes once or twice a year but still think I would love this recipe!

  4. 11

    Amylee says

    I have recently discovered a love for cauliflower ! Try it roasted with onion, a little garlic, lemon juice and salt and pepper. Amazing!!!

  5. 13


    Thanks for sharing the recipe and blog. I’ve been totally changing my eating and moving to clean eating/gluten free so this will be a great resource for some new recipe ideas!!

  6. 14


    I’m one of those weirdos who LOVES vegetables, cauliflower being a fav. One of my favorite things to do is cut up cauliflower and bake it with diced tomatoes, salt, pepper, oregeno and a little bit of olive oil. Its wonderful!

  7. 17


    I have seen this before and have wanted to try it. I really need to because I love mashed potatoes. Have you seen the pizza crust they make with cauliflower? It looks awesome!

    I freaking love cauliflower and all veggies really. The only veggie I don’t love is mushrooms….is it even a veggie? ha ha

  8. 18

    Julia @ Pain, Pride, Perseverance says

    ahhhhhh!!! mashed potatoes are my all time fave! i must try this…it would have totally tricked me based on the pic 😉

  9. 19

    Julia @ Pain, Pride, Perseverance says

    ahhh! i am obsessed with mashed potatoes! i should def try this because the pic could have totally fooled me…would have never known it was a veggie!

  10. 21


    I love all veggies, okay not brussel spouts. But anything else, I am on it! So much in fact, I have contemplated the raw diet but just figure that would be too hard (read a lot about it and talked to people I know who have tried it) I don’t like cauliflower cooked though. Much rather just eat them raw with ranch!

  11. 25


    Eeew, cauliflower kind of grosses me out and, initially, I just skimmed past thinking I wouldn’t make this, but then I wondered. Your endorsement was really convincing and I might have to try it! I would never be able to tell Brian until after he tasted it though :) Like the new picture!

  12. 31


    Have you ever tried cauliflower pizza? It’s kind of the same concept but you add some cheese, egg, and spices to the mashed cauliflower and you make a pizza crust. You bake it for a bit and then top it with whatever you want. For being a veggie crust it’s not to shabby!

  13. 33


    Honestly, I’ve tried cauliflower once when I was a little girl and did not like it at all… I was a very picky eater when it came to veggies! Buuuut, since one of my new years resolutions is to try new foods I think I’m going to give cauliflower another go! Maybe I’ll like it this time? :) Thanks for sharing the recipe!
    Have a great weekend!

  14. 35


    So do they taste like mashed potatoes? Wow. I actually really like veggies… I mean I like candy more, but I’m a pretty big fan of raw or cooked cauliflower… I eat it totally plain and love it! I think I like it more than mashed potatoes.

    Cecily used to choose mashed potatoes as her birthday dinner when we were kids… Not like as a side dish, but as her main course… I wasn’t a fan. But then I made everyone suffer through Kraft mac and cheese once a year, so I guess it was only fair. :)


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