I survived!

Last week I contacted Marc Lebert, creator of Lebert Fitness equipment.  I was inquiring about his Lebert Equalizers as I have seen them in gyms and on websites.  If any of you have been following Bodyrock.tv, you will know that it is one of their latest pieces of equipment.  You can check out one of the workouts where they incorporate it here.

Marc is from Mississauga (which isn’t too far from me) and offered me (and Dean!) the opportunity to join in on one of his boxing classes at his gym, Fitness Nation.  HOLY COW.  I was so honoured and excited!  Dean and I jumped at the opportunity and drove over on Saturday morning at 11am.

There was a fantastic turnout and all of us were sweating within the first five minutes of class.  I learned how versatile the equalizers are, especially as we were being guided through the dynamic warm-up.  Since we were too busy sweating it up, we couldn’t take many pictures of the warm-up but you can see a little more of what you can do here.

Boxing was really fun.  We got to hit Marc for putting us through such a tough workout!!  My arms turned into complete jello during class and I am STILL feeling it today but I survived.

We also used the equalizers for a lot of strength training – pull-ups, push-ups, ab work, you name it!  The possibilities are endless.

The workout was just what I needed. I love to vary my workouts to keep things interesting and a class setting is awesome.  There was so much energy and we were all feeding off each other.  If you want to check out Fitness Nation (and meet Marc himself!), you can find all of the information on the website.

The best part about Saturday was what Marc gifted me with on my way out.  He gave me my very own set of equalizers!  I think I earned them for working so hard in class! :) I am so grateful.  Not only is he a motivating fitness guru, but also so generous.  Thank you for everything, Marc!

I can’t wait to share some of the home workouts that I do with these!  If you are interested in learning more about them or even getting a set for yourself, check them out here!  They are $20 off right now!

What is your favourite piece of fitness equipment?!

I absolutely love my Gymboss and my skipping rope…but I have a funny feeling these equalizers might make it into first place real soon!


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    OMG, that is so awesome!!! You are so lucky! And way to fight through a tough workout!!!! I haven’t checked these equalizers out yet, but love the idea of how versatile they are.

    I love the short little ponytail you’re sporting, looks super cute :)

  2. 4


    That’s awesome! I saw those on Bodyrock and thought they were pretty cool especially for the pull up exercises. Can’t wait to see some fun exercises!

  3. 5


    HOW AWESOME IS MARC!! Such a lucky girl!! I’ve never tried the equalizers yet, but totally want now!! I’m also a newbie to bodyrock.tv and can’t wait to get more into it.

    I think my fave “at home” fitness “equipment” is the pullup bar, swiss ball — and more recently, the foam roller! hahah random, right?

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    Wow these look like so much fun!! I think I’d feel like a kid on the monkey bars or something ! I used to be a gymnast (like, 12 years ago…) haha I could totally see myself thinking I’m Nastia Liukin and breaking my neck trying to do flips on them :) Just kidding – looks like such an innovative and fun workout tool!!

  5. 7


    I just checked out the video of uses! Holy cow, I want a pair now – how did you get hooked up with him?!

    I love the bodyrock.tv workouts, but never seem to buckle down and get them done – they have made great work stalking pieces so far, but I have a hard time remembering to do them at the gym (where I can get a hold of the equipment).

  6. 11


    You have the best life ever!!!!! I wish I met random cool workout guys and then they gave me free classes and then let me take stuff home! SWEET!

  7. 12


    Dang that sounds intense!! That is so cool that you got to go to one of the classes and that he gave you a set of the stabilizers. I am very excited to see some of the workouts you’ve been incorporating with them.

    And yay you finally posted a picture of Dean….it had been way too long. 😀 I just love you girl!!

  8. 16


    You are so dang lucky! I haven’t been on bodyrock.tv lately, but I am usually a big fan of all their workouts. I feel like visiting your site gives me all the recent workout tips and 411 😉

  9. 19


    Those bars remind me of summer and how I am going to take advantage of the playground equipment when I go there this summer with my niece and nephew! Hurry summer!

  10. 21


    What a score! You can never have too many home gym options, right? Right now my favorite thing is my weighted sports hoop. So fun to use.

  11. 26


    How fun! Great that you were able to get there and participate… always fun to do something new and challenging. I love your enthusiasm!

  12. 27


    Omg! I’m so jealous! Those equalizera remind me of those parallel bars on the playgrounds at school! I would love to try these out!

  13. 30


    So glad you survived and had a good time! I am off to try a new Crossfit class at my gym tomorrow – fingers crossed I survive (and get out of bed in time for the 5.30am start…) :)

  14. 35


    That is so cool! How nice of him to invite you out and then give you FREE stuff! I love that man and I don’t even know him. The workout sounds hard but awesome.

    I also love those shorts you are wearing. More info please :)

  15. 37


    These look amazing! I also envy that this workout involved boxing. I always make Josh hold his hand up for me to punch (healthy relationship, right there- I punch my boyfriend…) and I’ve been wanting to try an actual boxing workout.

  16. 39

    Julia @ Pain, Pride, Perseverance says

    wow!!! that does sound like an awesome workout! i am learning to incorporate variety now as well that my knee is out of commission for a bit! looks like you all had a blast too friend!

  17. 45


    Great post. I’ve been using Lebert Equalizers for many years now and not only for my own workouts but for my work with my young athletes as well. The kids love them and so do I. Their portability and versatility is second to none. Keep up the awesome work! ~ David

  18. 46

    Dottie says

    I love my equalizers but I’m wondering if I should have got the dip station for better stability. I bought the equalizer for more versatility & do love it. Your thoughts?


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