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After a weekend of less than perfect eating (enter friend’s AND grandfather’s birthday celebrations), I was craving nothing but goodness today.  Goodness as in good for the body, not as in delicious-tasting-goes-straight-to-your-hips goodness.  But why can’t we have both delicious and good-for-the-body goodness?  Oh we can.

I have been stalking surfing this girl’s blog lately and have come across some pretty appealing recipes.  Okay, she has a great bod too and sometimes I catch myself spending more time looking at her abs 😉  There was a great recipe for what she calls “egg puffs“.  I hate eggs.  Actually, I despise eggs.  They have to be well hidden in something for me to eat them.  There are a few recipes, though, where me and nature’s most complete protein have gotten along.  This is one of them.

Cinnamon “Sugar” Egg Puffs (adapted from Vanilla Bean Lean)

Ingredients: egg whites (I used a cup of carton egg whites), cinnamon, 0-cal sweetener, xanthan gum (optional – I only used 1/8 tsp)


1.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2. Pour your egg whites into a bowl and mix with a hand mixer on high until eggs form a stiff peak (be patient - this is the most important part!).

3.  Add your xanthan gum (helps keep the shape of the puffs while baking), cinnamon and sweetener to taste (I just kept adding/tasting until it reached yumminess factor 😀 )

4. Use a spoon to place puffs on baking sheet.

5. Bake at 350 degrees for 12 minutes (times may vary depending on oven). They should be slightly golden on top.

Enjoy each protein packed cloud of joy!


These were sooooo good!!  I ate!  But you know what??  It’s okay because they are nothing but good for you!  The stats for all of them – 120 calories and 28 grams of protein.  So there.  I can eat a whole batch of treats and feel absolutely no guilt!

Check out Vanilla Bean Lean’s other flavour varieties here.

Go make  these.  Now.

What is your favourite protein-packed treat or meal?


  1. 2


    Oh wow that looks amazing. And that was just added to my recipe list!!

    This morning we had good eats but definetly not good for your body. LOL I made cream cheese stuffed french toast. Let’s just say the Boys are now sitting on the couch like “omg…sooo…full…”

  2. 3

    Karine says

    Thanks for sharing! I’m supposed to eat egg whites at night but they’re kinda boring (I always do a shake). Will try them tonight, I think :-)

  3. 4


    Yuuuuuuuuum. Those look amazing!

    As soon as I pop this kid out, it’s back to low-calorie snacks for me!

    (I am justifying my extra-piece-of-whatever eating to ‘the baby needs it.’ :)

  4. 5

    Cassandra Cisneros says

    Those look amazing ~ even better there is no flour involved! I have to head to Whole Foods today I will picking up the ingredients for this for sure.

  5. 6


    You’re FANTASTIC. Absolutely-positutely FANTASTIC! Thanks so much for the shoutouts, you’re sweet :-)

    I’m so glad you loved the recipe!! It’s the best I-want-something-tasty-and-lots-of-it-and-still-want-to-have-my-abs-too food! Have a blast making up a million new flavors, it’s the perfect recipe to be super creative with. Cocoa, pumpkin, “sugar”, cookies & cream, butter, garlic & dill, gosh … ANYTHING! Have fun rockstar!

  6. 9

    Amy says

    What is xanthan gum and where do you find it? I want these right now, sounds so yummy but I do not have that ingredient :(

  7. 16

    Jill says

    Ha…looks so funny….kinda creeps me out cause egg whites don’t really seem like “real ” food to….egg yolks…real food and wholesome and rich of iron and nutrients…more for me :)

  8. 20


    Wow I need to try some of these recipes! I have been wanting to learn how to bake healthier treats for my family. Her oatmeal treats look amazing! Thanks for the tip:)

  9. 38


    Only 120 calories! Whoa mama! I don’t eat eggs and I wish there was an alternative — boo! I am missing out on low calorie goodness.

    So I checked out body rock because of your post and wow, that stuff is intense. I love it!

  10. 39


    Hmmm, I want to try this, though honestly, it sounds kind of disgusting! About how long do you need to beat the eggs for? It seems like it needs to be a long time? Thanks for the healthy snack recipe!

  11. 42


    i NEED to try making these! i’ve seen her make them and had them in the back of my mind, i just usually cook egg whites really quick and eat them savory style. i think i’m just impatient sometimes :)

  12. 47


    What else could I add to make them hold? Mine kinda flatten out once I took them out of the oven. I don’t have xantham gum…or maybe I just need to mix it more?

    • 48


      The xanthan gum shouldn’t make too much of a difference! I actually made these again today and didn’t use any. You have to make sure that you mix them until they are really stiff. I do it for at least 8 minutes on HIGH with an electric hand mixer!

  13. 55

    Kristina says

    These look so yummy! I’m like to make a big batch of them to carry around with me to classes, but how do you store them?

  14. 57


    YUMMMM!!! I just threw my first batch into the oven!! Had to mix it with my hands because I dont have an electric hand mixer :( …. does this count as an amazing arm workout or what???

    also, I added a dash of salt!

  15. 59

    Cindi says

    They taste great and are sooo easy to make, but mine were not crispy coming out of the oven :( Are yours? Does the xantam gum help with that, cause that’s the only thing I didn’t use.

    • 61


      I’ve never made them without a mixer so I’m not sure!! I hnow some people have tried to whip them by hand but I think it would take a really long time to get the egg whites super fluffy the way an electric mixer does. It IS possible, it’ll just take a lot of muscle! Let me know if you try it that way!

  16. 64

    jan says

    I am so excited to find this! I am a fellow egg hater, and I never thought of meringues! They are yummy! Can’t wait to try it.

  17. 65

    Stacey says

    I must be doing something wrong. Everything looks fine and does what it is supposed to do until I take them out the oven. About 30 seconds after I take them out they all deflate. I used the xanthan gum. If that matters or not.

  18. 66

    Kathleen says

    So, are you separating the whites from the yolks using a whole egg? Or are you buying the whites only that come in a little carton that looks like a milk carton? I was thinking that that kind of whites wouldn’t whip up like that?

  19. 68

    Kathleen says

    That is awesome! I didn’t think they would whip up like that. I am going to go get some today. Thanks!

  20. 70

    Matilda says

    I suppose I did something wrong since mine did not turn out that wonderful.. I took them out of the oven and they looked fabulous and then I got distracted and while I was doing something else the bottom-halves of the puffs collapsed.. I didn’t use xantham gum since I didn’t have it in the storage but you said it’s not really necessary. Could you have any idea as of what might have gone wrong there?? I do want to try these again but don’t want to make the same mistake!

  21. 72

    Amanda says

    I just made these and used sugarfree pudding mix instead of the xanthan gum. Loved them! A little chewy but volume ftw!

  22. 73

    Rosaria says

    When I saw this recipe, I had to immediately go out and buy a mixer!! I came home, followed the directions, and at the end of 12 minutes, pulled out what looked to be like the delicious end product!! I took one off the foil lined cookie sheet and took a bite – egg flavored mush with a slightly crunchy cinnamon sugar flavor crust…. Can you say disappointed!? What did I do wrong?! HELP!!!

  23. 74

    Katie says

    these are wonderful! I add about 1/2 teaspoon da than gum so they won’t be as flat. I have been on a strict diet and was having a problem keeping the calories down and the protein up – egg whites are the solution. I have also added fresh raspberries to the mix and they are wonderful this way.

  24. 77

    Lynn says

    Sounds great BUT….isn’t the protein content of 28g for the whole recipe? 1 C of egg whites is roughly 28g protein, so each puff only has about 2g protein (or less) if there are 16 servings…

    • 81


      Oh gosh! This is too funny. I don’t know how the heck these made it all over Pinterest!! I keep getting messages about them and the photography is SO bad. I should probably update this post with better photos – lol! Let me know if you try them!

  25. 84

    Sandy says

    Yummy! I make these at Christmas but never with cinnamon. Going to correct that right now and make asap! I usually do whites, splenda, gum, a few drops of peppermint extract and a few drops of red food coloring.


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