Frustrations and Oxygen Winners

Yes, you must hear me vent before I announce the winners of my Oxygen Fitness subscription giveaway.  I went to the gym yesterday to work my shoulders.  I was working on lateral raises and felt a little something weird happen in my upper back/shoulder area.  I thought maybe the weight was too heavy so I dropped it and continued my workout.  Bad idea.  I am in so much pain today and could not even get out of  bed this morning without help.  I don’t know what the heck is going on.  I hope it’s just pulled muscles or something.  I am more peeved about not being able to lift today than anything else.  I have been following the LiveFit so perfectly and now this injury is going to set me back.  DANG IT.

Enough about that.  I made the best of my situation and still pulled off a gym session today to work a little sweat in.  I Hopped on the elliptical for a good hour and and played with kettlebells for 2.7 minutes in my Fashletics tank.

Now…what you have all been waiting for…

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway.  Unfortunately I only have three subscriptions up for grabs.  I really wish I had one for each of you because I adore this magazine and am one of those people that buys it as soon as it hits newsstands!

The three winners of a subscription to Oxygen Fitness magazine are:

  1. Cassandra Cisneros
  2. Meghan Doll
  3. Electra Liontis

Congrats, ladies!!  Email me at theathletarian [at] gmail [dot] com with your mailing address so I can forward it to Bob Kennedy!!

If you are still interested in getting yourself a subscription, it’s much cheaper than if you buy it monthly.  Check out the Oxygen website for more details!

PS – I have a Collagen Sport protein powder giveaway going on right now!  Enter here.

Have you ever had an injury from weight lifting??

We all know that I haven’t had the best luck over the last little while.  I got a sweet black eye not too long ago thanks to the assisted pull-up machine.


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    Congrats to the winners – lucky ladies :) Christina – so sorry about the little mishap and I hope you feel better soon!!! Things like that are so frustrating, but hopefully it just needs a little rest! And, girl, you’re arms are looking buff!!!!

  2. 6


    Oh man, sorry about your shoulder:( so frustrating! Hope it feels better soon! I hurt my shoulder once while lifting weights but luckily it didn’t last long. I’m sure you will be the same:)

  3. 10


    Ick that sounds awful! I did something like that to my shoulder about 10 years ago at the gym and passed out in the locker room from the pain. It still bothers me every now and then. Take care of yourself pretty lady, and those guns won’t disappear in one day.

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    uh oh.. better add a heaping scoop of glutamine to your protein shakes and you may even want to pick up some Jarrow Formulas — I like this company, and I’m a huge fan of “Bone Up” which promotes bone density, but also check out “Joint Builder” it supports cartilage and joint function. Those are just the two that jumped out, they may have something more specific for you!

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    Katie says

    Rest up!!!!! Hope your feeling better soon! Don’t get frustrated its your body saying it needs a break. Think of how far you’ve come your looking great!!!

  6. 20


    Oh girl :( I am so sorry that happened <3 Especially during the program! Sounds like you made the best of it though :) proud of you xo and P.s. omg your muscles!!!!!! ARE YOU SEEING AND LOVING THESE WONDERFUL CHANGES!? holy moly u hott girl. u dang hott 😉 Dean is SOOOOOOOO lucky 😉 xoxoxoxo

    Anyways, thanks for the subscription sweetie :) emailing you now xo

  7. 22


    AW I hope you feel better ASAP! I’ve never had a weight lifting injury because I’ve only lifted weights once…but that’s about to change! I loved it so much, I just need to make time for it.

    And you look RIPPED girl!!!! Nice muscles!

  8. 24


    Oh no! That sounds terrible. I have many many running injuries but never one from weight training (hmm maybe because I so rarely do it!). I hope it heals super quickly. Get well soon!

  9. 25


    Hope your shoulder feels better. Have you tried to foam roll it (not the easiest body part to foam roll). Just hang in there! Congrats to your winners!

  10. 26


    Sorry to hear about what happen at the gym. I hope it is nothing serious and you mend quickly. Glad you were still able to get your sweat on girl.

  11. 32


    hey! thank you so much for the sweet comment!! I’m so sorry about your injury in the weight-room! and i hope you are feeling 100x better!! I do not spend enough time in the weight-room to get injured, but I’m sure I would if I did…I have the drop-sie’s! I’d probably be missing a few toes by now! :)
    I hope you have a great week ahead of you!

  12. 33


    Take care of yourself. Don’t you over do it.
    I know its difficult to rest when you’re excited about a program but we have to do the best for our bodies. I’m feeling ya with a leg pain that’s keeping me from running much.

  13. 34


    Oh I hope you feel better today. :( You are amazing for making the best of the situation and you look freaking gorgeous in that adorable tank. Seriously so so cute!

  14. 35


    AHHHHHH! I’m psyched! Thank you so much for hosting this rocking giveaway. I LOVE oxygen magazine and read it faithfully, so I’m sure you understand how excited I am.

    Thanks again girl, and I’m loving your fashletics tank :-)

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