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I don’t know about you but sometimes I get bored of things easily.  Whether it’s my hair style (PS check out Electra’s new ‘do – she looks amazing!), my workout routine, food, or even my blog layout.  I’m always looking for ways to spice up my blog, to make it “cleaner” and more visually appealing.  I was reading Oh She Glows yesterday and she mentioned her new addition of buttons and I really liked the look of them!  So yes, I stole her idea and used the same widget to create mine:

The buttons are now located in the left sidebar.  I just feel that having all of the ways you can connect with me (Facebook, Twitter, RSS, email, and Pinterest) in one sweet little space works perfectly!  Plus, having a gazillion boxes in my sidebar will probably lengthen the time it takes my page to load for you awesome readers.  See, I’m always thinking about you 😉

Other groundbreaking news – I have discovered MyFitnessPal thanks to James Wilson who offers really amazing fitness tips.  Follow him on Facebook!  He is really nice and takes the time to respond to questions about everything.  MyFitnessPal is an app for iPhone that allows you to track your daily eats!  I know, nothing new, right?  Wrong.  It breaks down your stats into charts so that you know exactly how much of everything you are eating:

By plugging everything in I am able to see that I am on track with the 40/40/20 macronutrient balance that I’m aiming for!  I thought that it would be hard to log things but this app seriously has everything on file.  It even has specific protein powders, salsas and yogurts!  If you have an iPhone I definitely recommend it!  I don’t know if I could do it forever but right now for the program I’m on, it works!  Thanks James :)

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Do you use MyFitnessPal or any other means of recording what you eat?


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    Jill says

    Wow,,,I eat a lot more fat than that!!

    I can’t imagine wanting to track food intake though…seems obsessive, boring and well…there’s life to be lived , right! Be careful, girl!

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    I love myfitnesspal I use it all the time. It is so easy and they have so many foods in the database. The ability to scan a barcode is my favorite feature. Can you have friends and followers on it? I have always just used it for personal use, but being a part of the community might be cool.

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      It’s 40/40/20! And yes, it’s pretty much “supposed” to be an average that most people should follow (if trying to put on lean muscle). Mind you there have been days were my carbs and fat probably make up more than anything. Whoops. It’s been a while since I’ve had one of those days though! PS – LOVED your post yesterday. You are seriously the best!

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          Yeah, I love my carbs too! In the last phase carbs are reduced and most of the calories are supposed to come from protein and healthy fats… I don’t know if I will end up following that 100% though. As long as my meals are healthy and fairly balanced, I think I should be okay!

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          I use my fitness pal and my carbs are always insane 😉 I really need to start eating more protein.

          ps: I spent an hour writing each individual code to put my social media button in and I could not – for the life of me get the buttons horizontal.

          Who knew you could just grab one off Oh she glows 😉 …heading over there!

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    All your buttons look great over there! I need to get going w/ Pinterest one of these days. And the app sounds great, especially since there’s a person who you can connect with!

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    Cool App! It sounds helpful but I am so bad about tracking my eats. I go on Pinterest to look at cool photos and what-not but haven’t created my own account. I’m too nervous to get sucked into something else!

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    I really enjoyed this post – I LOVE myfitnesspal – I really like the app a lot better than the website. I like how it can kind of guide you in what to eat, like if I’m hungry, and it looks like I need to up my protein %, I know what to reach for. I would have a really hard time getting 40% protein in, not eating meat, dairy or tofu and trying not to live on shakes. Trying to figure that out! I shoot for 35% and if I get 30, I’m happy:)
    PS – I really like the layout of your blog too – very calm and inviting:)

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    Girl I just joined myfitnesspal too!! I don’t even have an i-phone but am in this competition where I have to journal my food so it is perfect. It really helps put everything into perspective. Lets be friends my un is rawardle!

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    Abby says

    I love myfitness pal!! So far (over a year of using it off and on) I have yet to find a food that it doesn’t have in its database thingy. =) And even though my vote always go to the iPhone, I have a droid with the app on it. Score! Love your blog!

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    You REALLY make self-hosted sound like fun. I need to switch sooner rather than later so I can play with some of the buttons on my site, too!

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    You are always thinking of us, you sweet girl! I think the page did load faster! Haha. :)

    And that app seems way cool! I think I’d be stoked about it any other time, but right now I don’t think I want to know how much I’m eating. It’s enough for me to eat when I’m hungry and know that it’s helping the baby and not think any more about it. (I’m definitely eating more than I used to before I was growing a peanut!)

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    i use MyFitnessPal, but not as in detail as I should – I more log it to keep my portions and calories in check – it always says I am over on my sugars which is depressing, but it is also neat to see the pieces of my diet I need to work on!

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