GIVEAWAY: Eat Clean with me and Tosca Reno!

We are all at that point again where we are setting new goals for ourselves.  We want to start the new year off right.  We want to learn to eat well, to exercise more, and to be better to our bodies in as many ways as possible.  All of these books and magazines floating around can be so overwhelming so how are we supposed to know where to start?!?!

Enter Tosca.  When it comes to eating right, Tosca Reno is THE QUEEN.  I haven’t always had the best relationship with food, I won’t lie.   I used to eat whatever I wanted, as long as I didn’t go over my allotted calorie goal for the day.  Sure, I was skinny but I still never felt right.  I came across Tosca’s books a few years ago and was hooked immediately.  Everything finally made sense.  Feeling good involves eating real food.  Eating 5-6 times a day is not scary!  It’s all about keeping your metabolism revved up throughout the entire day by feeding it small, wholesome meals in 2-3 hour intervals.  GENIUS.  You know what else I learned?  Eating well actually tastes great!  You already know about my love for her eat clean pancakes, but the love doesn’t stop there!  A few of my other favourite recipes from her books include hazelnut espresso cookies, curried lentils, and black bean patties.  YUM.

Eating Tosca’s way, I never feel hungry.  I never get cravings.  I always feel satisfied and ready for what my day will bring, especially my workouts.   That’s right, you need fuel to power you through those intense training sessions (something else Tosca taught me).  If you didn’t already know, she is a machine.  The abs on her…the glutes…her legs…stop me now.  Seriously, she is a smokeshow.  Women will not turn into the hulk by lifting heavy weights (surprise!).  Combined with effective cardio sessions, strength training (and eating right) will make you look like Tosca.  Every girl’s dream.

I had the honour of meeting Tosca’s husband, Bob Kennedy, mastermind behind the Clean Eating series, Oxygen Magazine, and other fitness publications that you can find here.  He was kind enough to set some time aside to show me around the office where they make everything happen for us readers.


He even showed me some of his paintings hanging around the building that he paints himself!  He is a man of many talents!  Here we are with his Lady Gaga:

Want to know what else is cool about Bob??  He is hooking you up BIG TIME.

I left the office with a box.

What’s inside the box?

Yup, Christmas came early for you!

Here is how it’s going to work.  This giveaway is going to be open starting now and will run until December 24th.  From Sunday to Saturday next week, a winner will be announced each day and will be able to choose two books based on what is available.  There are going to be 7 WINNERS!!!  

What do you need to do to enter?

Do any one (or ALL) of the following:

+1 Like my Facebook page and leave me a comment!  It’s where you will find updates on the giveaway and where the winners will be announced.

+1 Like The Eat Clean Diet on Facebook and tell Tosca I SENT YOU and that both you and @The Athletarian want her abs of steel.

+1 Share this giveaway via Facebook, Twitter (using @TheAthletarian @toscareno @eatcleandiet), Blog, or smoke signals.  Whatever floats your boat.

The more things you do, the more chances you have to win!

Good luck and Happy Holidays from me, Tosca, Bob, and the rest of the Eat Clean Team!


  1. 3

    Jo says

    I own a couple of the books already. Sadly, I can’t enter this contest because I’m not on facebook , twitter, or anything like that!

  2. 19

    Audra says

    Oh wow, I’m excited! Her eating plan is the only thing that has ever worked for me. I definitely need one of those cookbooks :) I like you on Facebook.

  3. 25


    You have no idea how awesome this is!!
    When I was FAT (100+lbs ago) it was an Oxygen magazine at the gym that really helped me to change. I discovered Eating Clean and that is what taught me all about eating to lose fat!!!
    I have a couple of her books and just love them :) I get the magazine too!!
    I would LOVE to win some Tosca !!
    Of course I follow you on FB

  4. 26


    sorry I forgot I had to comment here as well. I left a comment on your fb page and I’ll go leave one on theirs (so you don’t have to delete my above comment) lol

  5. 58


    Thank you for the chance to win.

    I’ve done

    * liked you on FB
    * shared contest on FB
    * already liked Tosca’s site
    * Tweeted about contest

    Thanks! :)

  6. 60

    Karine says

    Liked you and Clean eating on FB (already did!) :-)
    Hopefully the giveaway is open to Canadian citizens and if not… well, I’ll spread the love anyways :)

    Karine Fournier

  7. 87


    WOW girl 😀 Definitely going to try my hardest to get my hands on those 😉 Already liked your page and tosca’s, so I just need to spread the word :) 😀 p.s. I am so jeal you met him!

  8. 98


    I absolutely love reading yoru blog everyday. So inspiring! I have a few of Tosca Reno’s book but have a hard time staying consistent :( Hopefully I can score a cookbook for some motivation! Thanks for a great post!

  9. 111


    Wow such an awesome giveaway! Very very cool that you got to meet him in person and that painting is seriously amaizng. I “like” your page on fb already. :)

  10. 113


    I already like eat-clean diet on fb. But I will go and tell them you sent me. :) I am really trying to makeover my eating habbits and can’t wait to learn more about eat clean. Yay I hope I win. :)

  11. 126

    dori says

    I liked your page and the eat clean page! I could really use some motivation to get back on track after having my son!

  12. 129


    Thanks for hosting this give-a-way!

    +1 Like my Facebook page and leave me a comment! It’s where you will find updates on the giveaway and where the winners will be announced. (CHECK : D)

    +1 Like The Eat Clean Diet on Facebook and tell Tosca I SENT YOU and that both you and @The Athletarian want her abs of steel. (CHECK :D)

    +1 Share this giveaway via Facebook, (using @TheAthletarian @toscareno @eatcleandiet),

    I think that is four total entries if I also get one for commenting on this blog post.

  13. 132

    Lynn says

    Ohhh, I love Tosca and her books. They are the best. I would love to win these new ones. Thank you for giving us all this opportunity! :)

  14. 133

    @HRsmover says

    What a great movement and thank you for sharing your story. I have found your blog and website great for inspiration, keep it coming girl.

  15. 142

    Megs says

    I was just thinking today that I needed to buy the Eating Clean cookbooks and live by them! I am sooo bored woth the foods that I already cook for my family. (My sister showed me the books she had) We all love to eat healthy so whether I win or not I will have the library! But I would love the first one as the prize! 😉

  16. 145

    Megs says

    OKAY I have posted and re-posted and I have always been a like(r) for Tosca Rena and Eating Clean! I definately want more information on the Oxygen magazine! I saw it a a health club before and meant to check it out online and possibly subscribe! Full time student and Mom so I need all the help I can get!

  17. 146


    Liked your FB page as well as The Eat Clan Diet’s page and commented on both! I also shared this post on my personal page and business page. Thank you so much for offering all of us the chance to win some of these great cookbooks!

  18. 149

    Annie says

    I love your website!! — so much to learn from :) Thanks for having such a generous heart and sharing with all of us! The giveaway is such a great way to bring awareness to healthy living and the Eat-Clean Diet!!

  19. 163

    Michelle says

    What a great contest!! I’ve forwarded the page on to all my friends and posted it on fb!! Great idea for Christmas gifts, too! I’ve already given Clean Eating Magazine subscriptions for gifts – we love that magazine! My 16 year old daughter grabs it as soon as it arrives every month and starts poring over the recipes to make new weekly menus – Clean Eating is a family affair! Thanks again for the contest and Happy Holidays!

  20. 185

    Julia @ Pain, Pride and Perseverance says

    AWESOME GIVEAWAY! k…right now i am at work and will try to remember to do more entries later but im a follower of yours on FB!

  21. 189


    Twitter, facebook, sounds like and awesome give away. I’d love to get some actual information about this whole clean eating thing. Everyone keeps talking about it, but I need something more concrete than blog posts. you know?

  22. 235

    Veronica says

    Wow! Thank you for such an exciting giveaway!!!
    I liked you on Facebook! Looking forward to reading your blog!


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