1 day down, 83 to go.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I have a lot of catching up to do, as I took two days off to spend with Dean and to organize some new goals.  One of these goals is fitness-related (obviously) and Dean is 100% on board with me!  We decided it’s time to challenge ourselves in a different way, so we’re taking on Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer!

It’s a 12-week program which incorporates a lot of strength training, cardio and super clean eating.  The whole first phase/month of this program involves no cardio at all.  At first this kinda freaked me out because I am a cardio junkie.  Instead, the focus of this phase is on building fat-burning muscle and eating right to fuel your body, all in the hopes of looking like Jamie by the end (a girl can dream, right?).

Hanging with all of the tough guys in the weight room doesn’t scare me anymore and I could use a little time off from cardio.  With my injured feet, I should probably be laying off them and giving them a chance to heal.  Before I know it, the first phase will be over and it will be time for some sweat-inducing HIIT training in phase two!

My eating habits are taking a huge turn as well.  I know I have been focusing on getting more protein but it’s now at a whole different level.  I took a shopping trip to Costco, with and courtesy of mom :D, and came home with some pretty sweet goods!  Veggies, fruit, flax, frozen cod, egg whites, Greek yogurt, and hemp hearts.

I used a lot of these items yesterday and my meals were delicious.  The day went really well as Dean and I worked out (it was chest and triceps day) and prepped all of our food for the week.  I can’t wait to see how this progresses!  I will talk more about the food in another post 😛

Please note that Dean and I are not doing this to lose weight.  We wanted to challenge ourselves and push our bodies in a way we have never done before.  We will (hopefully) build strength and what happens to our bodies will be a surprise!

What is your favourite body part to train??

It was always legs for me but I am really loving shoulders these days!

Tell me your ultimate go-to high-protein snack or meal!

Protein oats for me!  Quick and delicious 😉


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    Yay for Jamie eason! I haven’t tried that program yet, I’m loving my current routine too much haha but I want to one day for sure! :)
    Favorite body part to train is definitely shoulders! And favorite high protein snack–cottage cheese or Greek yogurt and peanut butter mixed with protein powder! Mmm I’m drooling just thinkin about it haha

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    Way to go! My husband and I are starting on a new health kick ourselves which will be almost all whole foods and a plant based diet. We are doing it for the same reasons you guys are. Good luck and can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  3. 9


    This sounds so cool! You are going to be RIPPED by the time it’s done! Favorite high protein snack = Greek yogurt with PB.
    Favorite body part to work = abs. Even though they are weak I start dreaming about my future 6 pack and the time just flies. Ha!

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    Wow I don’t know if I could do a month without cardio. That’s hardcore and I am way intimidated by weight training, mostly because I have no clue what I’m doing. I look forward to your reports and I hope I can get a ticket to the gun show. Ha ha

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      Haha I used to be really intimidated as well but I’ve been teaching myself over the years so I think I know what I’m doing! Plus I have my studly bf to help me out if I ever need clarification! You can get two tickets to the show…let’s just hope that the guns appear!

  5. 13


    this is so exciting. I’ve never taken a leap and really changed my routine to that degree….exception – when I was a going to be a bride and all you can think about is getting into that dress 😉 …..but this sounds really cool. I’ve been totally slacking on strength and weight training. Truth be told I wouldn’t even know what I’m doing….so I’ll be excited to read all about this!!!! you go girl…and Dean

  6. 15


    WOW! This is totally out of your comfort zone- I’m glad you’re pushing to include more resistance training in your routine! Good luck- you are nuts for doing this over Christmas, though! My fave high protein snack is either a shake or greek yogurt with pretty much anything! Are you eating chicken and turkey now??? :)

    • 16


      Thanks Katy!! I’m really pumped for it! I’m hoping to gain some muscle and strength so I’m going to try and follow the program 100%. Christmas will be one day that I may sneak in a little something but Dean and I have eachother to keep things in check so I think we will be okay! I am eating fish now…I have only tried sole and cod so far and definitely prefer the cod (probably because it tastes like nothing). I don’t know about chicken and turkey though! I’ll never say never though…because that’s what I said about fish!

    • 18


      Yay!! So exciting, isn’t it?? That’s why I laid off the running. i want to follow the program exactly how it’s laid out. I’m scared that sneaking cardio in will deter my muscles from growing! Phase 1 is all about building muscle so I don’t want to compromise it in any way. It’s going to be hard not to do cardio but I’m going to try as hard as I can!

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    Looks a lot like my Costco trips! I am a cardio junkie too so it would scare me as well. My goal right now is less cardio more weights which is kinda scary! I am a huge fan of Jamie and Oxygen magazine too.

  8. 23


    Good for you! I took about 5 weeks off of cardio and did P90x with my husband, and it was great! Who knew I could do pullups? It turns out that I didn’t really miss cardio that much…favorite protein snack is my Muscle Milk shake with some added fruit :) Tallying up my donation to you…Didn’t realize how busy I have been this past 2 weeks :)

    • 24


      Wow!! Pull ups are so hard! You are amazing! I still need to use the assisted machine :(

      Thank you so much again for the two weeks of fundraising…I can’t wait to hear how it went! Glad you were keeping busy! I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving with your family, Kara!

  9. 25


    That is such a neat plan–and doing it with your partner makes it even more likely that you’ll follow through (at least in my experience)! Be sure to let us know how it’s going…I’m quite curious.

  10. 27


    My bf told me about Jaime — such an inspiration! I look forward to reading your guys’ progress. Definitely take before / during / after photos in the standard body poses so you can really see your progression… Makes me want to start lifting again!! Ohhh how I miss it!!

    • 28


      I know…she is really amazing! I will definitely take photos. I really want to see the progress! I will probably take them weekly and then post all 12 at the end (if they aren’t too embarassing)! You should totally start lifting again! So much fun :)

  11. 29


    I took a look at that too last week, but the no cardio and regimented schedule scared the bi-jeezers out of me (yes, I just used bi-jeezers) I need the regimented workout routine, but I also need the strong-hold to stick to it!! I am really excited to see your reviews of the program and your progression!

  12. 32


    You go, girl! You’re such an inspiration and I think this is awesome! It’s great that you guys are doing this together and I think it is so wise to mix things up and try something new. It’s also great to follow a plan or schedule – I stick to things so much more when it is planned. I can’t wait to hear how it goes!!!

  13. 33


    Love Jamie Eason- I make her protein bread quite often, it’s delish!
    Good luck with the trainer, when she first came out with it I was knee deep in half marathon training so I couldnt jump on board. Cant wait to see/read your results!!

  14. 34


    Girl, you are going to be one solid muscle after one month of that sort of working out, can’t wait to see the results!

    AND this is probably a great way to rest the stuff that’s been ailing you with the running (feet) and you’ll be an even stronger, faster runner when you start back up.

  15. 36


    Moms are the best. I don’t have Costco or Trader Joe’s near me (boo) so my sweet mom sends me care packages. :)
    I love greek yogurt for a highish protein snack. I’m even tempted to buy a yogurt maker from Amazon and try making my own.
    I like training my arms because they seem to tone up nicely when I work on them.
    Can’t wait to hear how this training goes for you. Hope your feet feel better soon too.
    And thanks for checking out my blog too. :)

  16. 37


    Good for you! It is weird to not do any cardio though. I will be interested to see how that ends up going for you. Can’t wait for the next update!

  17. 38


    I love that you guys work out together and achieve these goals alongside each other. It makes things so much easier, and way more fun!! Seeing as Luke works out for a living he hates the idea of working out in his free time. I understand but it sucks cause I would kinda love a running buddy! :/ Maybe when his football is done… :)

  18. 43


    Good for you two! Just looking at Jamie’s body is enough to get me motivated. I love working my legs and my arms. I have always been a little intimidated about the weight area of the gym because it is pretty much men there and the women that are there seem to be there for other reasons (haha).
    Keep us posted on how you are doing and have fun! I want to see some pics of those muscles too.! Maybe you should do some type of before and after for us!

  19. 45


    I think it is just great that you are challenging yourself again in a new way and that you and Dean are doing it together! Good for you. You obviously have such a great common bond in this regard.
    Protein is important. Glad you are searching new sources. If you don’t like cottage cheese, have you tried it with chopped veggies in it and an EVOO based dressing? Or how about whizzing it in the blender with fruit and cinnamon?
    You may also want to try Baker’s Cheese which is about the same n.i. as cottage cheese but more the texture of ricotta – and then there is quark. Search them out, I know you will find them in your Ontario stores.
    I love to work out my upper body… shoulders, delts, tris… it is the legs I fall down on… hate lunges HATE lunges, but don’t mind squats and plies.
    Have a ball with your new plan. Will look forward to your posts about it, too. :)

  20. 46


    I can’t imagine eating like this! My brother is involved in some things with Jamie (he’s a trainer and clean eater) so I get to see this diet in action. It totally works, but it’s intense with the food. Good for you for having the desire to do it!

  21. 49


    Good luck with your new fitness adventure!
    I have finally made a decision to actually do some proper and regular strength training instead of just fitting it in after a nice long run [ :)] so last night I took my first Body Pump class in years. I had a blast! Bit sore today but absolutely worth it!
    Can’t wait to see how you go with your challenge :)

  22. 52


    Congrats hun :) I am sure you will see an amazing transformation :) And I am glad that you are confident with the no cardio thing :) It’s necessary for building up your muscle! 😀

    I can’t wait for your updates and such 😀

  23. 54


    good luck u two and i’m curious to see wat u guys think of it! i’m not going to lie, jamie looks amazing, but i honestly don’t think i could ever just give up my cardio…i like it too much…lol.

    i think the diet part is a BIG factor to getting that body builder cut look they get; and while i’m all for looking fab, i dunno if i’d want to give up all my treats. 😛

  24. 55


    so so cool Christina! You and Dean are like my real life hero’s. Seriously you guys rock. I am excited to see how this goes for you and can’t wait to hear all about it.


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