better late than never.

Today I thought it might be a good idea to do my first WIAW.  I still don’t know how I feel about it!  I want to eat my food as soon as it’s ready and I really am not that great at photographing anything!  I don’t really think people would be that curious about what I eat but hey, who knows!  I read everyone’s WIAW so maybe they’ll read mine too??  I don’t really consider myself to be a food blogger (my food is relatively boring and super easy to make) but I hope you are still able to enjoy this post!

I think the first thing I’m supposed to do is credit Jenn from Peas and Crayons who makes her food look way more delicious than mine!

 Thank you, Jenn!

I would just like to note that the tofu and cheddar sandwich that I had for lunch was so ridiculously good.  Meg introduced me to this amazing smoked tofu not too long ago and I’ve eaten it a few times since.  The combination of the smokiness and the sharp white cheddar cheese I used was out of this world.  Plus it was grilled to perfection.  YUM.

I had the Greek yogurt concoction post-workout and it hit the spot.  Grow, muscles, grow!

How do you feel about WIAW?  Should this be my first and last ever attempt?

What’s the best thing you ate (yesterday or today)?  I know it’s Thanksgiving for most of you so I’m pretty sure you’ve got some good eats hanging around!


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      AH! Your comment went to SPAM! I just approved it right now so we’re all good to go! Yes, smoky tofu is to die for! I actually hated tofu until I tried this flavoured one! It’s organic, too! The brand is called Soyganic :)

      Thanks again for hosting! It was definitely fun and I hope to do it again if my food isn’t too boring 😉 I love reading everyone’s WIAW. Definitely a great way to share meal ideas! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Falon says

    Yeah, I read everyone’s WIAW too, but mine would be a snooze as it would probably end up being the same every week. Your food looks yummy though!

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    Cinnamon Roll is retired now? Did you ever have Cocoa Mole? I hope they bring it back some day. I just recently started doing WIAW. I have fun writing them creatively but the WIAW posts I find interesting are generally from the food blogs I already read. It can be fun when everyone has time to comment and there are some cool ideas. This week, being the day before Thanksgiving, no one is on so I’d give it one more week to see if you have with it or not. :)

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      Yes! It’s retired…so sad. I was able to find a box of them in NYC a few weeks ago though…so just a few left! I have sen Cocoa Mole online but never tried it! I guess that one is retired too? Why do they do this to us?!?

      I also think the WIAW posts are fun. I figured no one would read this week’s because of the American holiday, but I figured I would do it anyway. I think of it as a practice run :) Maybe I’ll try it again next week! Thanks for stopping by!

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    Welcome to the WIAW party! We’re happy to have you! I know it feels as though your eats would be uninteresting to others but it’s such a great way to get ideas! I’m a vegetarian too and love to prowl around (haha makes me sound a bit creepy…) other WIAW blogs and see what people are cooking up. For example, if you ever feel like sharing that smoked tofu sandwich recipe I would definitely be interested!! x

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      Haha thanks! It’s very simple – just two slices of Ezekiel bread, tofu (I use the brand Soyganic – comes already smoked), and very sharp white cheddar cheese! Grill it for a few minutes and you’ve got yourself a tasty sandwich!

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    WE ARE TWINS! I was going to post a “better late than never” post today commencing my FIRST “What I Ate Wednesday” post too!! Things ended up getting way too crazy though, so I couldn’t finish it. It’s still a work in progress, but maybe I can edit a little and post it tomorrow:)

    I take pictures of EVERYTHING, so these posts are right up my ally. It’s a wonder why it’s took me so long to join in on the fun! Oh well! Keep doing it — if you can stand to take a picture before diggin’ in =P

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    Everything looks awesome!! I love Larabars . I didn’t eat much yesterday….really tried to scale back to give me room for today. Bring on Turkey Day!

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    I’m on the fence about starting WIAW as well buttt I read everyone else’s and love the inspiration so maybe its time to give it a crack! Handy for those days when you have nothing to write about anyway! ;D I vote stick with it, it’s not like you have to do it every week…

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    judging by the amount comments (as you usually have soooo many ;P) I’m gonna assume that I’m not the only one who thinks that WIAW is weird 😛 but your eats are fun and I did like the photos 😉

    I’m glad you’re eating fish but not to be that person….but I will be that means you’re not a vegetarian 😛 I think it’s called a pescetarian 😉 but I have even had hardcore vegan friends that ended up having to eat fish for the mere nutritional factor. so it’s good you’re fueling your body :)

    PS: hope you aren’t mad, it’s not your food it’s just I think WIAW is stupid. Sorry Peas and Crayons 😉

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      Haha I’m not offended!! And I actually did post about being a pescatarian rather than a vegetarian the other day! I don’t know if it’s going to last but I am trying it out to see how it goes.

      I also think comments are going to be less frequent all around today because of the American Thanksgiving! I know I would be too busy eating if I had a huge plate of stuffing staring me in the face!

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    Those things are all interesting and delicious looking, I say yay to to the WIAW – I don’t take pics of food really anymore because Tripp gets aggravated and I would rather cherish time eating with him than make him feel uncomfortable, but I do love pictures of pretty food!

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    I participate in it every week, but I like to do a spin on it each time. My typical day of eats is sooo boring, so that’s why I have to change things up :)
    I think you did an awesome job though, your eats look tasty

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    I just stumbled on your blog and I LOVE it! I’m a new runner who is also a vegetarian, so do you have any tips for me? Thanks. 😉 I started my blog posting what I ate, but wasn’t really feeling it, so I don’t do WIAW. I do think some people (like you) do it really well, though. Happy Thanksgiving!

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      Hi Kelly!!! Thank you for such a nice comment!! I love seeing new faces on here, especially vegetarian runner faces 😉 It’s not Thanksgiving here in Canada but I’m still having a happy one reading all of the amazing blog posts out there revolving around the big day! I can’t wait to check your blog out!! Enjoy your holiday!

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    I’m so excited to stumble across your blog because I love it! I’m vegetarian and attempting to get into this whole running thing so your blog has been an awesome find. I’m boring and eat the same things every day (being a teacher it’s pretty easy to get into a set routine) so I only really post the things I eat when I go out of my way to make something awesome. Otherwise, I’m sure people would switch off!! However, I do love WIAW for ideas and just to stickybeak on what’s on others’ plates! Is that creepy? Meh, it’s all ideas I suppose!!

    Enjoy your holidays!

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    That’s a pretty awesome Wednesday! Colorful too… I’m a huge fan of the Tropical Tango in smoothies but I’ve never tried it in oats. Officially on my to-do list now!!

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    This is great! I love the panini sandwich you made….almost makes me want to go get some tofu :) I don’t think I could ever last with WIAW because I wouldn’t have the patience to take all the pictures of everything before (key word!) I ate them!!!

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    I am always hesitant about taking part in things where I photograph my whole day’s worth of food so I applaud you for taking the leap! Your post workout snack sounds so yummy!!

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    Keep up the WIAW, your food looks awesome! My favorite restaurant in college had grilled and blackened tofu and I would add that to everything I ever ordered there- it was so good. I haven’t eaten tofu in a while but I think I have to try your grilled cheese. Yesterday was thanksgiving for me so I can’t even choose a best thing I ate…


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