I am officially an urbanathlete!

I don’t even know where to start with this race…or this trip to NYC in general.  It was so amazing and ridiculous at the same time that I don’t think words can do it justice.

Here we go.

The good:

I was prepared for the weather and for tackling the obstacles (equipment-wise).  I felt perfect in terms of body temperature for the duration of the race.  I wore compression socks to help out my sore ankles/shins/calves that have been hurting for days.  I also bought football gloves to help out with the monkey bars and parallel bars (who knew football gloves were sticky?).

The race was a lot of fun.  Despite the terrible weather, I love the idea of an obstacle race.  It definitely gives you a “break” from running and something to look forward to.  It was sometimes terrifying to see an obstacle up ahead but once you got there, it was loads of fun.

The people running the race were awesome.  The crowd was way different from a lot of other races I have run.  The Urbanathlon attracted a huge variety of people who weren’t JUST runners.  All sorts of athletes came out and tackled this course with so much power.  What I also loved was that everyone helps each other out.  I couldn’t get over the 5-foot hurdles on my own but I paired up with a really nice girl who gave me a boost over all six of them.

The not-so-good:

I ate cuban food (Dean’s choice) and rice pudding (chocolate chip flavour topped with toasted coconut and coffee crumble) the day before the race.  Not a good idea.  I had cramps for probably the first 3-4 miles.  Grease + sugar is not the best pre-race combo for fuel.  I know better than to put weird food in my body the day before a run.

The weather (lots of rain) sucked big time and affected a lot of things.  There were puddles EVERYWHERE and for the first three miles people were trying to avoid them and tip toe around them which slowed a lot of people down.  I know I didn’t really have a time goal for this race but knowing I could have finished faster is a bit frustrating.  After getting down and dirty in the first couple of obstacles people finally stopped caring and ran/splashed/trotted through puddles like crazy.

Just to show you what the city looked like by the evening…

There was no festival or post-race fun.  Once people crossed the finish line and realized how cold and wet it was outside, it was over (plus, snow was starting to come down).  Most people pretty much bolted.  I didn’t get any food, drinks, nothing.  I grabbed my bag, changed into dry clothes, and hopped on the subway back to the hotel.

I have almost no pictures from the race.  It is nearly impossible to carry a camera and complete obstacles at the same time.  I relied on the photographers but as of right now, there are only two photos of me on the race website and I’m not even completing any of the obstacles (I’m just running).  Boring and disappointing.

My best photo…

The ugly:

My bruises.

Just one of many…

The result:

I finished in 1:34:56… Although I had no time goal, I still had 1:30 in my head.  I know I could have gotten a sub 1:30 but I think being backed up for a small part of the race and also a little bit of hesitation at some of the obstacles cost me a bit of time.  I will get it next year though!  I am proud of myself for tackling this race.  It is something that I never EVER thought I could do.  I know exactly what I need to work on for next year (STRENGTH) so that is going to be my focus because I know I’ve got the running down!

I am really proud of Dean, who finished in 1:13:27.  He is a rockstar and smoked a lot of the guys in the “elite” first wave 😀

More on NYC (the non-racing part) tomorrow!


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      Yes! So much fun! PS – I searched high and low for those pink frosted animal crackers you had on your blog a LONG time ago. I went to Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and every other food store I could find. Where in the world did you get them?? I was pretty sure they were the “Annie’s” brand but couldn’t seem to find them anywhere. I was only able to pick up some Snackimals (which I haven’t tried yet). Share your secret!

  1. 4


    GREAT JOB GIRL!! I’m so jealous — not of the weather though, BURR!!! That photo of Dean looks like a Nike ad:) Come to Maui and we can train together — I need a lifting partner since the bf isn’t here & my brother just moved to a different island — boo!! OH! Go check out my Rafflecopter giveaway — you will flip out!! I can’t remember if I told you already — sorry babes!

  2. 5


    Way to go, pretty lady! So proud of you for completing the event…what an exciting accomplishment, with take-home battle scars to prove it! :) it sounds like the day was full of challenges, but it’s good to know that you still managed to have fun out there. :) good job, missy! xoxox

  3. 7


    awesome job! Congratulations!! That is the coolest sounding race, and I think the fact it is in NYC makes it a lot cooler than some of those warrior dashes…great job, to both of you! Glad you had so much fun despite the crappy weather!

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    Glad you had a good time despite the freak weather. Fast time too, probably good enough for wave one in the future if you want to run with less people. I do love the urbanathlon for the diverse group of fitness people it attracts as you mention. I got water proof trail shoes for questionable days like that and am glad I did – but they might not have even helped. Hope you can do Chicago one day.

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      It was loads of fun! I know I could have gone a bit faster but I think I was being a little too careful and saving my energy because I wasn’t sure what was coming next. Now that I know what to expect, I will definitely be going into it full force next year! I hope to run the Chicago one too so maybe I will choose to do it there next time instead of NYC. I have never tried deep dish pizza so I would be killing two birds with one stone 😀

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    You and Dean are so awesome!! Congratulations to you both on becoming urbanathletes. It would have been nice to have cool weather less the snow and all of the puddles, etc. I love that you are so brave and up for any kind of challenge! What’s next?

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      Next up…hmm probably just one more race for the year! There is a Santa 5K early December that I’m thinking of doing for fun! Other than that, I am shifting my focus to hardcore strength training for the fall/winter season. I think it will make me a m ore confident runner and athlete. It is a very new goal for me so we will see how it goes!

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    congrats lady! sorry the weather was so stinky, and that you are bruised and beaten. i can’t believe that it snowed! that is too crazy! it’s not even november yet! good to know that cuban food is not the way to go the night before a race.

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    CONGRATS!!!! That is amazing, I love the idea of an obstacle course race! I think I would much prefer that to an actual marathon. That sounds awesome.
    And holy snow. Yowza. I’m surprised, we haven’t even had snow yet in Toronto!

  8. 21


    That’s AMAZING!! Congrats girl!! You’ve inspired me to want to do this race! I was incredibly intimidated by the sounds of this obstacle course but you make it sound SO fun!

    And- I love that a girl helped you over the 5 foot hurdles! How nice is that?! What’s not nice — that crazy snow!

    And congrats to Dean! That’s awesome!

  9. 24


    Hey! Congrats on your big finish!! you had a good time considering the conditions and what not. I’m glad you overcame the obstacles and tackled it like a trooper. and I agree with Paul…you must come to Chicago next time so we can show you what good deep dish pizza is all about.

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      Chicago is definitely on my list! I hope to do it there next year so I can meet you two beasts! I just checked your post again and you guys are SO FAST! I can chase you and Dean can chase Paul. Then we can go eat deep dish like a big happy family! Sounds like a perfect day right there.

  10. 28


    Congrats! And what a fun race. Good job finishing despite the crappy weather.

    And awesome ‘battle wounds!’ You’re like a race ‘warrior.’ :-)

  11. 30


    Congratulations! I am glad you had fun but I’m sorry that the weather wasn’t cooperating for post race celebrations :(
    Gotta love the battle wounds – and nice medal warrior!!

  12. 35


    Total rockstar! I’m bummed for you that the weather wasn’t a little better. It’s frustrating to travel all of that way just to get a sub par experience. Kudos to you for having a good attitude about it! Love the pink and black. I’m looking forward to hearing more.

  13. 37


    Wahoo! Great job Christina! I love that feeling of accomplishing something you never though you could do…which is why we’re doing all of this!

  14. 39


    Congrats!! If you end up getting pictures of you doing the obstacles, you should definitely post them!

    P.s. I love the gray hat you’re wearing in the pudding picture, it’s so cute!

  15. 48


    Congrats on the race! I saw pics and video of the Chicago one, you might want to consider that one for next year. It looked like a lot of fun. And the SF one likely has good weather too.

    Bummer about the weather being bad, nice job getting through it!

  16. 50


    Great job! This sounds like a great event minus no food or drinks or anything at the end. That just seems odd to me. Hooray for new bling for your medal display!


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