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I would like to introduce you all to an awesome blogger – her name is Meg and she blogs over at A Dash of Meg.  She blogs about some pretty sweet recipes and gives you some great examples of strength workouts.  I tried one today and it seriously kicked my trash and made me a sweaty beast by the end.  It was a leg workout and it burned so good.  I love working out my legs so much and I notice improvements in my strength really quickly!  I’m going to check her blog out again tonight so I can steal an upper body workout to do tomorrow 😛

One of the exercises was “kickbacks” which can be done different ways.  You can do them with no weight at all but I brought my handy little ankle strap along to the gym and hooked it up to a cable machine to increase my burn.  Love.  The angle of this picture makes me look like I have cankles.  Don’t love.

I also did something a bit random.  The Urbanathlon is next Saturday.  Yep, it’s that close.  And my arms are still noodles.  There are 5-foot hurdles that I am going to have to get myself over and I have no idea how I’m going to go about doing it.  I set up a bar so that it was about 5-feet high and tried to pull myself up into a stiff arm position.  It’s hard.  Really hard.  I needed to use a little step but once I got up I was able to hold my weight up.  Apparently people are great at the race and help each other out so I pictured the step being someone giving me a little boost.  I think it’ll be okay :)

I also squeezed in a 1-mile sprint and a short rendezvous with the stairmill (there are like a gazillion stadium stairs at the race that apparently slow a lot of people down so I really want to be ready for that!).  It’s a love/hate relationship with this guy.

I am so pumped for this race.  It’s so different from anything I’ve ever done.  I know it’s be tough but I like it that way.  I’m not going to set any time goals for myself because I have absolutely no idea what to expect.  I might not even wear my Garmin…I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself!

Okay, now for what you have all been waiting for…the winner of my Fashletics giveaway is…

Congrats Jennifer!  E-mail me at theathletarian [at] gmail [dot] com so we can arrange your winnings!

What is your favourite muscle group to strength train?

Do you think I should wear my Garmin for the race?  Or will it add to my already existing anxiety??



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    um GIRL NEXT SATURDAY!! you are gonna do AWESOMEEE i know it with your upping your protein and all your strength training! you are gonna be amazinggggggg!! and ahhh i am IN LOVE with your nike freeesss i am totally stealing themm<3

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    I’m loving the Body Pump-style classes with an overall-strength training deal. Otherwise, I’m pretty miserable at weights :)

    I would say don’t wear your Garmin! Your time will be a lot slower (in my experience anyway!) than what you’re speedy self is used to but that’s only cause you’ll have so many obstacles and waiting people in your way!

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    I am sooooooo jealous of your Urbanathlon (and of Jennifer–congrats on the win!) I would definitely take your garmin–don’t be nervous! Just have fun!! And I LOOOOVE working out my arms and back. Having toned arms and a strong back is important–and it’s supah sexy:)

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    Julia @ Pain, Pride, Perseverance says

    pumped for your race!!! you have done some awesome training and it seriously just sounds so fun! you will do amazing!

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    Congratulations Jennifer!

    The Urbanathon sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun. I think you are going to do great! I’m keeping my fingers crossed there are going to be some stellar pictures from this event!

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    I say screw the garmin and just roll with it, you’ll still end up showing that race who’s boss…and without the added pressure! I’m setting myself up for noodle arms tomorrow, intense upper bod workout scheduled since I ran today and my legs are still a bit angry at me from the marathon! xo!

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    Don’t wear the garmin if they are going to provide you with your overall time–unless you absolutely care about how fast you do each event. It sounds like one of those events that’s all about getting people out there having fun.

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    WOO HOO! Really?? Wow :) Thank you so much for hosting!!

    I say ditch the Garmin and just be in the now during the Urbanathon. I have a friend who did the Chicago one last year and LOVED it-she had a blast. Enjoy it without obsessing about pace!
    We have one of those old school stair masters at my gym and I love that thing. I call it the StairBeast….I love working arms-I love the way they look after a hard lifting sesh :)

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    I can’t wait to read all about it! I say no Garmin your pace will be crazy with all the obstacles anyway, just go for it based on feel.

    I will have to check out Meg!

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    You are such a sweetheart 😀 love love love you and you know what else I love? You are so close to me that I actually CAN meet you some day if we plan a date 😉 awwww you are so sweet <3 I hope you find an upper body w/o that you like 😀 today I am doing a new quad focus workout… will be posting it tonight 😀


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    I love to work my arms most. When I focus on my lower body I just imagine how bad my legs will feel for the next day’s run and it is just counter productive, ha!
    I wouldn’t wear your Garmin. It could easily get smashed with all the obstacles, plus you’ll just be worrying about your pace the whole time. The Urbathalon is so much more than that!!

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    i have a love/hate relationship with the stairclimber too…it kills me each time but i love it bc i know its a good workout, haha!

    i think your race sounds like something that you prob wouldnt want to use your garmin for…have fun, be tough (yay gameface) and i’m sure it will be a blast!

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    I would leave the garmin. It sounds like this is going to be more for fun and the fact that you accomplished it – not for how fast you did it in. but I could be wrong? I think that you will be awesome and if it’s anything like the other obstacle courses I’ve seen everyone DOES help each other and it’s more fun than anything else 😀 stairs are brutal, there’s a huge set outside near my place that I do sometimes and they kill me – 500 steps! PS: meg is great!

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    You are amazing and your strength workouts are great. You are going to do awesome at the race and have a blast. I definitely wouldn’t wear the garmin. Just have fun!

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    This race sounds so freaking awesome! I can’t wait to hear your recap about it. I LOVE hard races, too. In fact, I search them out. It’s good to feel tough sometimes- even though we’re girls :)

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    I LOVE anything with upper body…chest and shoulders by far the most. I have to be careful though now because I am also swimming, I have been shocked how much my arms have bulked up from swimming and lifting!

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    you are such a BEAST (in a good way!) and i can’t believe you are doing that race…haha, i swear i’d prolly be stuck at the first wall and never reach the finish. cut to race officials pulling me off and me screaming, “i swear i’ll get it this time!” hehe.

    GOOD LUCK tho cuz i know u’ll come out like a champ. i’d def go sans garmin because with all the obstacles in that race pace will count as nothing.

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    I can’t believe that the Urbanathlon has come up so quickly! I am so excited for you!!! Also, I love kickbacks – burning hamstrings = love (I think?)

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    I just saw a video of the Chicago Urbanathlon, there are a ton of stadium stairs, you will do great on them with that kind of training! The race looked like a ton of fun, I might have to try the race next year in SF!

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    I say wear the Garmin, but ignore it – that’s my new favorite way of running, just go by feel! I have to have my splits at the end though. Good luck!

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    I love her blog! Found it a few weeks ago.

    Wear the Garmin! Why not??

    My favorite muscle group to work is quads and hamstrings…..I love when they are sore the next day. Makes me feel productive!!!

    Get Up & Go

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    You’ve inspired me to get to the gym to do some weights. My favorite is arms. And I love my garmin and can’t imagine racing without it now. You can always wear it and put tape over it so that you only look at it if you really feel like it.

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