Aspaeris review and GIVEAWAY!

I know I already have a giveaway going on but I just couldn’t hold off on this one any longer.  I was sent a pair of compression shorts from Aspaeris a while back and have been waiting to do this review because I also WON a pair from Christy.  I had a hard time choosing colours when Kari from Aspaeris asked me which ones I wanted.  I went with the red after falling in love with them on Skinny Runner.  But I also wanted the black.  Enter Christy’s giveaway.  I am a lucky girl.  I wanted to show you both colours but I haven’t received the black ones yet.  If you want to see what they look like you can just check out Christy or Janae in them!  They both look amazing!

Here are the red ones which I love SO MUCH.

I have worn the shorts mostly for post-workout compression but they are definitely cool enough to wear out in public for workouts as well!  Kari asked me a few questions about the shorts so I thought I would share my opinions with you.  I will try to make it brief so that you don’t just scroll to the bottom to enter the giveaway!

  • My first reaction to the shorts was that they looked TINY and I would look like a stuffed sausage in them.  This was absolutely NOT the case.  The fabric is really soft and stretchy and they are really comfortable when you put them on.  They have the perfect amount of compression without feeling restrictive.
  • I love waistband on these shorts more than anything.  It is really flat and seamless so it doesn’t give you a “muffin top”.

  • I also love that these shorts have a double layer and I think it’s super effective, especially if you use the shorts while running and playing other sports.  From the site, “The inner short has Bi-Directional Sensory Bands woven into the fabric to signal that your body should be in the correct ‘knees over toes’ position to improve performance and help prevent injury.”  Sounds good to me!  No injuries = happy running :)

A post isn’t a post without a jumping picture so here ya go.  It’s really awesome that my eyes match by brand new shorts.


I definitely recommend these shorts to anyone and everyone, whether you’re injured or not.  A really good friend of mine just had ACL surgery and it is NOT fun.  These shorts will help protect you from injuries that so many women (and men) suffer from on a daily basis.  Luck for YOU, Aspaeris is giving you the opportunity to win a pair!  You can tell me how much you love me later.

Here is what you need to do (leave a SEPARATE comment for each so that I count all of your entries!):

– Follow my blog or let me know if you already do!

– Like my Facebook page here.

– Like the Aspaeris Facebook page here.

– Follow me on Twitter here.

– Follow Aspaeris on Twitter here.

– Visit the Aspaeris website and tell me which colour you cannot live without AND something important that you learned about these awesome shorts!

– Blog, tweet, or Facebook this giveaway!

There you have it.  Seven ways to enter.  Feel free to do as many as you would like to increase your chances of getting your hands on a pair of these amazing shorts!

The contest will run until next Friday, October 7th.  GOOD LUCK!


  1. 13


    I L-O-V-E those red ones!
    here’s what I learend “The inner short has Bi-Directional Sensory Bands woven into the fabric to signal that your body should be in the correct ‘knees over toes’ position to improve performance and help prevent injury. ”
    too cool, they should be called Smart-Pants haha

  2. 18


    I really like the black ones! I think it’s great that there’s a product out there to help prevent ACL injuries. I know I’ve posted this on someone else’s but my husband had ACL surgery a few years ago and it’s brutal. I’d love to do anything to avoid that if possible!

  3. 37

    Kait says

    I love all of the colors on the Aspaeris website… However, I’m afraid of the white! I think I am going to go with navy! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the navy or black compression shorts!

  4. 80


    I love the red color–and I learned that these shorts work miracles, both during and post-workout. I definitely need these with my IT band issues I’m having right now.

  5. 85

    ~K~ says

    i would so love the red ones too! I think it’s amazing that the shorts can help keep your legs in the proper position. (this is the best thing i learned from the website…i know you told us too, but i still think it’s pretty cool!) runner_girl5k(at)yahoo(dot)com

  6. 100


    I can’t live another day without the red shorts, mainly because I want to look like you and SR, but also because the color is badass and I own enough black…I learned that I might not have torn my ACL if I had been wearing these

  7. 133


    I would definitely choose the black shorts! Slimming :) Love the double layer concept with Bi-Directional Sensory Bands. Like an athletic trainer taped you all up for support every time you wear them!

  8. 153

    Wendy says

    I follow your blog and liked your FB! I also am following you both on Twitter (girlundermoon). Would LOVE to win a black pair, these look awesome!

  9. 177

    Katya says

    I love the black shorts, and I learned that these shorts were created to help prevent female athletes from injury and enhance their performance. awesome!

  10. 188


    I HAVE to have the red. You are so cute in them and I love the double layer of pulling into line and compressing.

    I got my medal hanger yesterday!! So excited I will post a picture when i figure out where to hang it!

  11. 195

    Carrie B. says

    I cannot live without black and I am shocked that in the US, 200,000 females athletes injure their ACL each year. Wow!

  12. 204

    Jessica says

    I love the black because my running shirts are all brightly colored. I do wish there was a purple option though, that would be my favorite! I learned that the shorts are dual layer which helps them help me stay in the correct position. I would love a pair of these shorts as I’m nursing a groin injury while training for my first half marathon!

  13. 210

    Nicole says

    I also LOVE the red color (ever since I saw SkinnyRunner’s as well, so bummed I didn’t win her giveaway!). I still can’t believe that wearing shorts can help you avoid ACL injuries.

  14. 233


    Love the red color as well and love that they help you feel in control during multi-directional movement, can’t wait to try them out for myself :)

  15. 238


    Hey! Thanks for finding and following my blog…you’re right, I do think we have a lot in common :) Great contest and great review…you make me REALLY want to win, so first up – I’m following you!

  16. 239


    And I’m following you on Twitter…you were actually my first follow – I JUST created my account – I know, I’m behind!

  17. 252


    I would probably get the black, just because black matches everything… I dont have anything that would go with the color you got… but I love them! :)
    It’s pretty cool that they invented them to help prevent acl injury! pretty awesome :)

  18. 261


    i like the black for me, those red ones look great on you! i learned that they’re just for women… and that i misspelled my own name in my first four comments… AWESOME

  19. 289


    My favorite are the red shorts… Especially seeing how bright and awesome they look in your pics!

    I had no idea that compression shorts could reduce the risk of ACL injuries. That is really good to know. I did the test and luckily I’m not at high risk but I still need some of these!! They seem amazing!

  20. 326


    I would LOVE black – just because it will match my YMX shirt perfectly. I need the shorts because I would like to prevent injury with the long runs I’ve been doing lately!

  21. 334

    kaitlyn says

    I love the black. I feel like you can’t go wrong with black. And I learned that they can adjust your knee over your ankle and improve your form.

  22. 341

    Allyssa says

    I think I’d go with the black shorts. I learned that the bidirectional weaving signals the body to be in the knees over toes position to help prevent injury.

  23. 378

    Audra says

    I would love their shorts in black. I can’t believe that 500 female athletes a day will suffer an ACL injury!

  24. 381

    jen corp says

    I would love the shorts in red, I love that they are female centric company, we need more of those! I am super interested in the dual sensory compression.
    I currrently wear core shorts, but am looking for something that will assist my nagging groin pain that has gone on for over two years. I play ice hockey goalie and have an adductor injury.
    I would love these shorts in any color, but red would probably be the most fun.

  25. 389

    Mary Ann says

    I can’t liev without the red colored shorts. I learned that these help your body maintain the proper position for repetitive motions (ie. squats where it is vital to have a proper position to prevent injury!)

  26. 412


    I cannot live without the black shorts!! I would want those first bc black goes with everything!! Then if I fell in love I would go with navy bc I just love the look of pink/navy, white/navy, ect!! Ahhh I want to try these shorts soooo much!!

  27. 432

    Erica says

    love the blue shorts! learned that the shorts prevent acl injuries (and that teh co blog is called noaclhurt!)

    thanks for offering the giveaway!


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