Apple picking and a winner!

I went apple picking with Dean and his family yesterday and every time I see them I am reminded of how much I love them.  They are insane and so weird and make me laugh so much.  I won’t say much, I’ll just leave you with a few pictures – they always say more than words.

I failed to get pictures of the parents of the two girls in the wagon on the right and also of the grandparents of all of these kids!  We took a family picture of all of us but not with my camera…I’ll post it another day if I can get my hands on it soon!


We also have a winner!!  Congrats to CHRISTY from My Dirt Road Anthem!  You have now won an Allied Medal Display to hang all of your amazing medals on!  This is funny because I just won a pair of compression shorts off Christy.  It’s like we’re exchanging gifts!  Merry (early) Christmas, Christy!

Well now you can GET the one that says RUNNERGIRL!!  Shoot me an e-mail and I will give you all of the information you need to order your new display!

Don’t forget to vote for Christy here so we can help her win a grant from Team Refuel!!  Just type “Christy” into the search box and when her picture comes up click on it and hit VOTE!!


Have you ever been apple picking??

Did anyone race this past weekend?  How was it?


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    Hahah!!! Those pictures are hilarious!! The “Don’t pick” nose picker… the kids in the wagons faces!!! Bwahaha!! So cute! I love Dean and his family… I’m glad we’re all going to live together someday! :)

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    great pictures!! looks like you guys had an amazing time!

    I went apple picking for the first time ever last year and really enjoyed it…I got a whole variety of apples and made the best apple pie EVER afterwards. I’m not sure if i’ll get to go this year, I hope so. anything I can use as an excuse to make apple pie! :)

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    Hi there! Just found your blog…love it! (especially that photo at the top!) Apple picking is awesome :) It’s so FALL and I love drinking hot apple cider and delicious autumn types food afterward :) Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

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    Um I love these pictures. Every. Single. One. That looks like so much fun! I’ve always wanted to go apple picking, or some kind of fruit picking in the summer or fall.

    And, of course, this reminds me of time spent with Matt’s fam also. Love them!

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    i agree, photos do say so much more than words alone and i love these autumn photos! i am so excited fall is finally here because i can’t wait to go apple picking :)


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