Perfect timing and a WINNER

Yesterday during my morning birthday workout I got a knock at my door…

It was a gentleman from FedEx with a package for me.

A few weeks ago I won a giveaway from Angie at Living Aloha who was celebrating her one year Blogiversary!

If you haven’t visited her blog already, I suggest you do so right NOW.  Her writing is flawless, she takes breathtaking photos, and has such a positive attitude.  Her stories make me smile and her way with words sends shivers up my spine.  I am always uplifted after reading her posts.  Did I mention she lives in Hawaii, the most beautiful place on earth?

Anyway, her giveaway was ridiculous and I thought there was no way I would win.  I was ECSTATIC when I read the results and saw that it was me!  In the package was a collection of Angie’s favourite things:

Hawaiian shortbread cookies

Papaya Seed salad dressing

Aloha Wish Necklace + Black sand bottle necklace from Maui Dive Girl Designs

$40 Forever 21 Gift Card

Hawaiian Waters Ocean Bliss candle that smells like heaven

Live Aloha car decal

$10 Starbucks Gift Card

Body Lotion and Soap that smells so good I almost ate it

Surfer’s Salve all natural lip balm

AND…a hula girl to put on my dashboard 😀

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!  And for it to get to me on my birthday morning…perfection.

Thank you, Angie!  It really was the best birthday morning surprise.

– – –

My perfect day continued with lunch at Fresh with my amazing cousins.

I went wild and ordered Kombucha for the first time and it was delicious!   I wonder if it comes non-carbonated though…I would probably prefer that!

All three of us ordered a BBQ veggie burger topped with quinoa-battered onion rings.

For dessert we shared a slice of vegan carrot cake 😀

I spent the evening relaxing with the Mr.  I may or may not have overdosed on chocolate-covered raisins 😀

I got some nice birthday goodies too.  Perhaps I will share them tomorrow!

It was a wonderful day!

– – –

The WINNER of my Bondi Band giveaway is…

Congrats to Julia from Pain, Pride and Perseverance!  You have won a Bondi Band just like mine!  Now we can “Run like an animal” together 😀

Send me your information so I can get this out to you ASAP!

– – –

What is the BEST thing you ever won?

Besides this amazing giveaway from Angie, I won a few things from challenges that Dean made with me…  They were GOOD too 😉  You can read about one of them here.


  1. 1


    What a great birthday! I hope I have as much luck in scoring some sweet blog giveaway for my birthday!
    The best thing I’ve ever won… Hmm… I’ve won $ a few times… Which seems boring until you think about all the cute shoes and ice cream you can buy with it!

  2. 3


    That is one amazingly stellar giveaway! Happy birthday too! I have never won a blog giveaway yet – hopefully soon!

    Kombucha is my favorite! It gets addicting and is pricey stuff so its an expensive habit! Because it is fermented tea it will always be carbonated. I didn’t realize it the first time either and shook the bottle. Yeah that totally sprayed everywhere!

    • 6


      YAHOOOO!! We will wear our Bondi Bands to Fresh!! That is the first place I’m taking you. All three locations are downtown not too far from where you’re staying! I hope you’re ok with vegan food! Trust me, even Dean loves it and he’s as carnivorous as they come! You will love it, I’m sure 😉

  3. 7


    How great to score that wonderful and generous win on your birthday. Karma!

    Neat for Julia to win your giveaway… how fun that she will be in T.O. and you can get together.

    • 8


      I KNOW! So amazing right?! I can’t believe she’s coming to T.O. all the way from Utah! So crazy how the world works! I think you should all come and we can have a big blogger meet-up here 😀

      I have a couple more giveaways coming up…good ones too so keep your eyes peeled 😉 So glad you followed me to my new blog!

  4. 11


    Hey you! Yaaaayyyy! So glad it (finally) arrived…and on your birthday of all days! You are too cute with this post…thanks so much for all your kind words (I had Phil read it and even he agrees that you are really pimpin’ my blog!). It looks like the cookies got a little smashed (I was worried about that), but I hope you are still enjoying them, because they are screamin’ good! :)

    You are a girl after my own heart…I *love* Mango Kombucha…super yummy, but reeeeaaaaalllly expensive, which kind of takes the fun out of it, but whatevs. Every now and then it is nice to indulge, you know?

    Did I already email you about possibly doing a tutorial style post on how you switched to a self-hosting site? I am thinking of doing this but I am scared about messing things up! So…if you feel so inclined and want to share your experience, maybe you can write about this someday? 😀

    Have a beautiful weekend! xoxox

    P.S. So, you and Dean will be here on Maui for New Years Eve? Haha…I keed, I keed…

    • 12


      Your blog totally deserves to be pimped out 😉

      The cookies did get a little smashed, but it’s all good. They will last longer that way. Instead of eating a whole one, I just take a little broken bit at a time hehe.

      You did mention wanting me to do a tutorial post about the big switch! To tell you the truth, I can’t remember what I did. It was so confusing. Instead of writing a post maybe I will write you an e-mail with an attempt at a step-by-step recollection of what I did! I had to talk to so many people to have it switched, especially because my domain stayed the same. I’ll do my best for you though, okay?

      I really want to go somewhere for NYE and I think Maui would be perfect. Right now though, it’s WAY expensive to book this far in advance. Actually, everywhere is expensive for that time. We are going to keep our eyes open and see if we come across any good deals. If not, we may just end up going to Florida to run Disney 😀 We WILL visit Maui though at some point. It’s on my list!

      Have a great weekend, beautiful! 😀

    • 13


      I adore her designs!! I deetliifny have to look up this woman to see more of her work. Thanks for sharing this with us! The ultimate designer in my book. Her aesthetic matches mine to the tee and this is a first.. And God bless you too gorgeous!

  5. 14


    Um, how perfect is that? Hooray for getting giveaway goodies on your birthday!
    I think the best thing I ever won was a book signed by Burt Yasso, because I just love him. And his stories were absolutely hilarious.
    Julia is visiting you in Toronto? SO JEALOUS! Can you bring your computers to Fresh so we can Skype while you eat? Thanks.

    • 15


      Um I just died a little about the Skype at Fresh comment. YES she is coming for a conference in November!!! How crazy is that?!?! We will totally Skype with you. I think there is WiFi at Fresh. That would be hilarious 😀

      A signed Yasso book? Amazing.

  6. 22


    Happy Belated Birthday as well :) You are so right! September babies/Virgos are really just the best!!

    Looks like a good day, ps your cake looks better than mine did. I really should have had 2 cupcakes all to myself!

  7. 26


    GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLL OMG HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!<3333 so sorry i was mia on your bday stupid finals BUT YAYYY GIRL ITS YOUR BDAY WEEK LIVE IT UP!!!!!!!<3 LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU!!
    ps just got the bra and i LOVE IT IT FITS PERFECTLY AND IS SO SO CUTEEE!

  8. 30


    What a fun package! And yes, serious timing perfection for it to come on you bday, and happy bday, by the way!

    Also, I’m so impressed with how yummy the food looks! I have to say, I’m not as good as you at vegetarianism…I must have meat. I want that quinoa battered onion ring so bad!

  9. 32


    Wow, for some reason my google reader wasn’t updating your posts, I guess it was because of your new site! It looks super fab, “proudly powered by SWEAT” I LOVE IT!! Thats such a great package you won. I honestly can’t remember ever winning a something in my life. I didn’t really enter many contests growing up though so maybe thats why! :)

  10. 35


    Aw happy birthday! That is the best timing, and what a great package! I love hawaii and Hawaiian things. My uncle lives there, so jealous. Your birthday looks great, WHAT a burger! A quinoa onion ring?!!? coolest thing ever.

  11. 36


    WOW! What a fantastic BDAY surprise!! Congrats!!

    Looks like your bday was very relaxing, fun-filled and perfect! I am glad you had such a great day, you deserve it!

    I wish we had something like Fresh in Boston…hmm…I will have to keep my eyes peeled…

    Congrats Julia!! So cool – lucky ladies!

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