Giveaway Time: My New Bible

Lucky for all of you followers, it is giveaway time once again!
I am really excited about this one.
Heck, I get excited about all of them but this on is different.  This is a test of my (and your) strength, determination, and willpower.  I have always been a cardio junkie.  Give me a treadmill, an elliptical, or a bike.  Plain and simple.   I never used to see much need for strength training.  I always thought it was a girl’s job to be skinny.  No need to be strong.  Over the last few years my perspective has completely changed.  Strength is a necessity.  Strong women are beautiful.  I have taken up weight training a few times a week but there is still something that I haven’t mastered.
 The push up.
 I was given the opportunity to review the book 7 Weeks to 100 Push-Ups by Steve Speirs.


 It was personalized, too :)
 My first impression of the book was “awesome…nice and small…I won’t have to read a gazillion pages to figure out how to do a push up”.  It is portable, so I can easily take it with me to the gym.  The book is well-written and everything is explained in very simple terms (for people like me).   I have read it cover to cover and was impressed with all of the background information provided before it actually went into the workout programs.  There are a variety of programs to follow, whether you are a beginner or an advanced push-up master.  I am considerably weak in my upper body so I decided to go with the beginner program.  I intended to start the program last week but my training schedule was off so I have re-started today and am really excited to see where this takes me.
This is an older picture…I have learned to keep my arms in closer to my body :)
I love that the program is gradual.  For example, today I only had to do seven push-ups.  The sequence went 1-2-1-1-2 and I got a one-minute rest after every set.  It may seem minuscule to some, but this is a great starting point for me.  Doing push-ups this way definitely makes them seem less daunting and I have a really GOOD feeling this program is going to work.
It was sent to me at the most perfect time.  I am running the Chicago Urbanathlon in October which requires a lot of upper body strength to complete the obstacles throughout the course.  I think that being able to do 100 consecutive push ups will definitely be an asset to me during this race.
Who is up for the push-up challenge??
YOU have the opportunity to win one of these amazing books.  Here is how:
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Contest closes August 29, 2011!  GOOD LUCK!

Disclaimer:  Steve Speirs sent me his book free of charge and my review and opinions are completely my own.


  1. 1

    Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner says

    Don't count this an entry since I have a copy from a while ago ( it was my very first giveaway!) but how awesome that you're doing the challenge! You are going to be at 100 in no time!!!

  2. 7

    Jolene says

    One: Already following you.
    Two: "Like" you on FB
    Three: "Like" 7 PU in 10Wks on FB
    Four: I can do roughly 10 real ones and 15-20 girles…(you know, from on the knees)

    Sorry I don't tweet…

  3. 8

    Kate says

    at one point I could do 40 push-ups, now I'd be lucky if I did 10! Yikes. The more I run, the less I work on other things. Boo :(

  4. 26

    Nikki says

    I can do maybe 20 max, but I have done 80 before in a workout when they were spaced out!! Just thought I would throw that in there….haha. It was obviously a proud moment!

  5. 39

    The Hungry Runner Girl says

    OF COURSE I AM A FOLLOWER AND VERY OBSESSED WITH YOU!!! Girl, you have incredible form!! I LOVE IT!

  6. 40

    Katy @ Fit In Heels says

    I can do 50+ push ups.. Although given my history with southern Ontario bars and love for the push up, this isn't surprising.I challenge my male students to a push up contest every year.. And win :) though that doesn't say much for them.. This year I got to 60! I think this book would be great for my female PE classes! Okay, I'll stop writing now.

  7. 51

    Laura says

    I'm a follower who couldn't do 100 push-ups to save her life, haha… hopefully that will change one day soon!

  8. 55

    Heather @ The World Through My Eyes says

    And if you're talking real, not-on-your-knee pushups, I can only do like 2. Clearly I need this book!

  9. 57 says

    Thank you for commenting on my blog so I could discover yours! I like you already :)

    I am now following you, but through Google Reader since I never use that friend connect thang.

  10. 60

    The Little Dish says

    Okay, just followed all of the above! It's embarrassing I cannot push ups at ALL. I may be able to eek out 3. Maybe. Squats are whole other issue too! I'm a cyclist and runner too and one day I had to do something fairly simple and I had no upper body strength. That has to change.

  11. 66

    Britt says

    Last fall I did 65 push ups non stop. I get really competitive, and wanted to beat all of the boys that were in the contest. That was the most I ever did, and the next day I could barely even lift my arm to brush my teeth.

  12. 70

    Jen @ Mom's Gotta Run says

    I can do 25 push ups right now… well, not right now, I mean.. if I had to I could. Well, you know what I mean. :)

  13. 71

    Laura says


    Things I have done:
    – follow you on twitter
    – follow your every word on your blog :)
    – like (or should i say love) your new FB page
    – like the 7 weeks to 100 pushups FB page
    – about to tweet about the giveaway.

    before bed every night (not including the pushups that i do during the day and my quick 20's), i do 50. (20 pushups, 10 second break, 20 pushups, 10 second break, 10 pushups). i sometimes wake up and it is the second thing that i do in the morning (first, pee).

  14. 73

    Nelly says

    I do 20-30 pushups as part of my usual strength routine, I would guess I can do 35 pushups consecutively or so…on Wednesday I'll do an exact test to see and report back!

  15. 111

    Lydia says

    I can do 10 consecutive push-ups, keeping my form. I used to be able to do 3. I have started Steve's program online a few times, but I seem to burn out at week 4. How far along into the program are you?

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